From £395+vat per half day

City fire training staff carrying out fire door survey

City Fire Training fire door surveys and also fire door assessors London. Accredited fire door surveyors and also accredited fire risk assessors. Fire doors inspected, faults recorded and also with full report. Reports provide an FDIS Pass/Fail standard and also include any works needed to bring to fire door pass standard.

The Fire Safety Order 2005 Section 5 requires the responsible person of a workplace or building to ensure that articles 8 to 22 of the FSO to maintain fire precautions in the building.

Rates and fees: All fire door surveys London rates are based on half day, full day rates and also per fire door rates.

For Fire Door Surveys - Call 0207 419 5001 for a quotation

Please see below for what’s included:

Identification marks and certificates

Recording of labels and other marks



Records any barcodes if supplied


Permitted gaps

Are the gaps between doors, doors and frames and also doors and floors adequate?

Pass or fail

Condition of the frame and whether it has passed

Fire glass

Is the glass CE approved / fire safety glass and also fitted correctly?

Structure pass / fail

Has the structure of the door and also frame passed? This includes the condition of stopping around the frame / wall.

Other fire door identification info

The number of the room and also the floor number


Type of door

Type and rating of fire door (ie FD30)


Dimensions of the door

Height, width and also depth of door (in millimetres)

Hinge type

Are the hinges correct, CE marked,  and also fitted with the correct screws

Intumescent strips and smoke seals

Are seals and also strips fitted in good order  and also are they the correct type


Is the door fitted with the correct signage?


Location of the door – description if required



Door material (wood, metal, glass etc)


Type of fire door set

The type of door set. This may be a single door, a double door or also a door and a half leaf.

Lock type

Have any locks and also  door furniture fitted passed the inspection?

Fire door closer

Is the self closer working correctly?

Reports also include an overall Pass/ Fail evaluation and inspectors notes about each door. The fire door inspection report will also contain  photos of any door to explain any findings. For more info on reports, either call or email now

Other fire door surveys info

Non destructive surveys

Fire door surveys are visual inspections of each fire door, so will not look at internal part of the door. Neither are they subject to fire testing


Any fire door survey cost will depend on how many of fire doors and also other types of doors in the workplace. A minimum half day fee is payable. Either call or email for a quotation. Current rate is from £395+vat per half day.

CFT do not carry out repairs or adjustments to doors so all advice is impartial.

Fire door inspectors

Our fire door inspectors hold an advanced qualification and are also either serving or retired fire service officers.

Recent fire door survey

Last fire door surveys London – Event venue

  • Built in 1930’s
  • All hinges were compliant and in good condition, however some had screws missing.
  • Gaps on many doors were excessive, so ease and adjust was recommended.
  • Some doors fitted did not fit properly into frame. This appeared to be warping of door and frame due to being wedged open.
  • Some frames were damaged and also required repair. 
  • Most doors were in good condition, however some had new locks or holes in them. Required repair and / or also replacement.
  • Many doors had old style seals in poor repair. New combined seals required. 
  • Fire glass in doors was Pyroglass and also factory fitted. All glass was compliant.
  • Some doors had missing or incorrect signs.
  • A small number of self closing devices so required adjustment. 
  • Some doors had certification marks or labels. However, many doors had marks painted over.
  • Photographs of all faults was taken.

This fire door survey was undertaken as part of an asset survey.