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Fire Marshal Training London Courses

  • 27th July 2022 a.m. course
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  • 25th August 2022 a.m. course
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  • 28th September 2022 a.m. course
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  • October and November dates coming soon
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  • Horseferry Road
    £75+vat per person

Book  fire marshal training by calling on

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Fire Training tailored to your workplace

City Fire Training  provide in house fire marshal training London courses at workplaces and also open courses. Courses can also include a live fire extinguisher training session, if there is a suitable outside space.

Fire safety consultancy

Call for advice

Need fire safety consultancy? Either call or email for advice

FDIS accredited Fire Door Surveys

From £345+vat per half day. Quotes can also be on a per door basis.

City Fire Training are FDIS accredited fire door surveyors. Doors in buildings are inspected and results are recorded on our app. The results can be sent within 24 hours as a pdf report . Reports provide a Pass / Fail standard and check Door ID, door rating, location. materials, frame, dimensions, hinges, any locks, glass, seals, closer devices, structure, signage and also gaps.

For more details click the link below or call us on 0207 4195001 for a discussion about your site fire safety.

Fire Risk Asessments

From £345+vat for up to 4000 sq metres.  From £595+vat for up to 10,000 sq metres

City Fire Training have accredited and also experienced fire risk assessors. The assessors deliver PAS 79 and also PAS 79 style fire risk assessments. Since fire services use PAS 79 audit processes, the FRAs are guaranteed to be passed suitable and sufficient (subject to any recommended review dates). Note: fire risk assessment services are in high demand and early booking is recommended.

Fire marshal training London

Our fire marshal training course:

Any number of staff can attend fire marshal courses (without practical sessions) at your workplace for one fee.

Attendance certificates for all attendees on an open course and also in house sessions (up to 20 persons).

Practical sessions include live fire extinguishers exercises with our environmentally friendly fire training rig

Experienced tutors who have all worked in the Fire service as operational, training and also fire safety departments.

Accredited fire training courses than can be changed to include fire emergency and also fire evacuation plans in your building.

Open courses are held each month, so are suitable for workplaces who want to send just a few staff.

Open courses all include live fire extinguisher exercises, so attendees can tackle real fires with an extinguisher.

The fire marshal training London course programme is based on official government guidance, British Standards and also fire service advice.

Open courses numbers are strictly limited to ensure health and safety of staff and attendees. Courses always fill up, so book your places now!

City Fire Training still adopt COVID precautions. Numbers on courses are strictly limited, spacing between students and also equipment is sanitised before and after use.

Fed up of paying high fees for fire watchmen? Talk to us about training residents, so you can reduce your fees by thousands of pounds! 

Cost of each place is just £75+vat per person. Group booking and also regular clients may receive a discount.

How to book fire marshal training London courses

Booking courses is so easy! Either call or email  to make a fire marshal training London / fire warden training London booking.

Open course place availability is detailed on the website. Call to discuss in house dates and also other services. 

0207 419 5001

Frequently asked questions

Can you provide references from clients who use your fire marshal training London programme?

CFT have a number of references from previous and current clients. These are available to new clients on request. Insurance details are also available if required.

Open fire marshal training London courses usually always sell out. Over 60% of these are purchased by repeat customers, so early booking should be made to ensure course places.

How often should fire drills be carried out in a workplace?

Frequency of fire drills will depend on a few factors:

  1. The type of workplace
  2. Whether shift work occurs in the building
  3. Does the employee work nights only?
  4. Staff turnover

As a general rule, each person should take part in at least one fire drill per year.

Fire drills are covered in our fire marshal training London open programmes and also in house courses. To book places either email or call now!

Are you able to provide training at two sites on the same day??

Yes, this service is available. The client can pick two locations which are relatively close to each other. The time between sessions should include time to pack up, travel to new venue, refreshment time for trainers and setting up at new venue.

Either call or email us to discuss.

We want to try your fire warden training London course before we book an in house session. Is this ok?

We do offer trial sessions on our open courses. Persons attending an open course to trial our services must pay for the place. This will be refunded against any in house session booked within three months of the course.

For more details either call or email us.

How soon can you come to our site for fire training?

Availability for in house course does vary. However, the team can usually provide dates within one or two weeks of an enquiry. City Fire Training has a number of trainers, so there is usually some free dates.

If you require a practical session, then clients may have to wait a little longer. Two trainers are required for courses involving. live practical sessions (insurance requirement)

Do we need a disabled evacuation procedure?

All places of work should have a disabled fire plan. The complexity may vary depending on the type of workplace and also its size and numbers of persons working in it.

Our open and also  in house fire marshal training London courses include info regarding disabled fire plans.

We need accredited fire marshal training. Can you help?

All courses supplied by CFT are accredited and also approved fire courses. trainers undertake continuous assessment by the IFSM. The last inspection was in July 2021.

Does your company carry out fire risk assessments in London?

Fire risk assessments can be provided by the CFT team. Pick form either a PAS 79 or PAS 79 style of assessment. For more details either call or email the CFT team now.

Do you provide online fire training?

City fire training no longer provides online fire training services.

What is a fire door survey?

A fire door survey is an inspection to determine whether a door will hold back fire and smoke for a predetermined period.

Some contractors ask third party fire door inspectors to provide evidence that a fire door has been installed to the correct standard.

Older fire doors will not usually comply with current standards. Therefore some managers require that such doors are brought up to a higher standard. For example the door may be upgraded to include combined smoke and heat seals. Other doors may have been repaired so no longer can be passed as “certified fire doors” A fire door survey will look at such issues such as hinges, fire glass, heat and smoke seals, self closers, frames and door rebates etc.

A fire door surveyor will examine the door to determine whether the door will resist fire for the required timescale.

We want two off site fire extinguisher training London sessions. Can you help us?

Yes. Off site fire extinguisher training London sessions are available at two different sites.

Staff can be booked on open courses which are held every month at London Scottish House, Westminster. Alternatively, tailored courses exclusively for your staff can be booked at our East London venue. Both venues allow us to provide live fire extinguisher practical sessions. An additional venue hire for the East London site is payable, but we can arrange this service and include it in our invoice.

You can view a practical session on our Google my business page. Look for google My Business City Fire Training London Ltd page.

Fire marshal training London courses - What are your next dates ?

Next fire marshal course dates are  23rd June, 27th July, 25th August and 28th September 2022. All courses include live fire extinguisher  training exercises, so your staff can tackle real fires with our extinguishers.

The course venue is London Scottish House, 95 Horseferry Road, London, . The venue is just 5 minutes from St James's Park  tube station, so is very easy to find. 

Places on these courses always fill up quickly, so we recommend early booking for your staff.

For more details of of our fire warden training programme follow the link.

How many fire marshals do we need?

Fire safety law requires a building to have a sufficient number of trained persons to implement the fire evacuation plan.

The number of fire marshals will depend on the size of the building, the type of workplace and also whether there are different work shifts.

As a rough guide you will need one fire marshal and one deputy for each 60 seconds of the search area. To calculate how many fire marshals you need per floor: Get one fire marshal to carry out a check of the entire floor and time them. If it takes two minutes you will need two fire marshals and two deputies.

We discuss the different types of accounting procedure on our fire marshal training London open programmes. To book your places on our course either call or email us.

Do you provide fire watchmen training courses?

Yes. We do offer fire watchmen training courses. The training is based on NFCC (National Fire Chiefs Council) guidance, London Fire Brigade workplace training advice and also British Standards. The fire watchmen training is based on waking watch advice and how to raise the alarm in the event of a fire or suspected incident.

We have provided fire watchmen training for buildings fitted with cladding. The fire watchmen training was reviewed by inspecting officers for a building requiring fire watchmen.

For more info about fire watchmen training, either or email now!ca

Do we need new procedures for the COVID pandemic situation?

If there are any change of circumstances in a workplace, then fire procedures and also plans should be reviewed..

The COVID pandemic has meant that many workplaces have downsized, so there are less persons in a workplace. This may include less fire marshals or fire wardens. Therefore, fire marshal training for existing persons could be required and also possibly a new evacuation plan. For example, moving from a sweep system to a roll call.

For more details either call or email now.

We are a new company. What do we need to before we open to the public?

The following will need to be in place:

A fire risk assessment. This should be in a recognised format such as PAS79, which is also the method that London Fire Brigade audit buildings.

A fire emergency plan should also be produced that details all of the arrangements for fire safety in the workplace.

Staff fire training will also be required. This will for general staff, fire marshals, the person who calls the fire service and also anyone else with a role in the fire evacuation plan.

Fire extinguishers should also be in place. Managers can discuss placement with the fire risk assessor so they are in the correct location.

Produce a plan of routine maintenance and checks for the fire safety systems in the building. In addition, a regular routine of hazard spotting can be carried out.