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School fire training is essential for all school staff

School fire training

Why all staff need school fire trainingschool fire training

So why do all staff in educational premises need school fire training? After all, most school have regular fire drills and they are carried really quickly!

School fire training needs to cover a range of issues not just fire drills. So what should your school fire training include? Classes of fire and also how to use fire extinguishers are a must know for all staff. Some other key staff will need to know what maintenance checks need to be carried out and also how often.

All school staff need to know the contents of the fire emergency plan. This is not just how to get out in an emergency, it is about all fire safety issues in the building. For example, all schools carry out fire drills during normal school days, but drills are also needed for breakfast and after school clubs. They are also required if the building is hired to third parties. Head teachers should also consider fire drills during break and lunch times to see how efficient their fire plan is.

Why train all staff though? We have teachers everywhere!! Some schools believe administration staff and catering staff may not need such comprehensive training. However, many administration departments and catering have regular contact with pupils, so must react immediately putting plans into place if a fire occurs.

School fire training course content

Our school fire training programme is specifically for educational premises. It is based on government, fire service and also British Standard advice. We also include types of fires in schools and how to use fire extinguishers. It covers fire law, fire emergency plans and also safety checks. We also look at hazard spotting and finally evacuation and accounting of all persons in the building. This includes
visitors, parents, disabled pupils and other persons, contractors etc.

For more details of our school fire training either call us or email.

Who needs workplace fire extinguisher training?

Who needs workplace fire extinguisher training?

So who needs workplace fire extinguisher training? This is a common question on our fire marshal and also manager courses. The fire law requires responsible persons to have a fire emergency plan for their workplace. The content of the fire emergency plan should also be the basis for staff fire training.

Government guidance covers the contents of fire emergency plans for different types of workplace. Since each guidance note says that staff must know about fire fighting equipment in the workplace, the inference is clear! All staff should know about fire extinguishers in their workplace.

What should we teach staff about fire extinguishers?

City Fire Training are an approved fire training centre and also provide many different types of workplace course. Our accrediting body says our course is approved and it includes:

  • Classes and also types of fire
  • Different types of fire extinguishers
  • The best extinguisher for each type of fire and also other classes they can used on
  • A video presentation of the use of fire extinguishers or…
  • A live fire training session using a safe training rig and also our extinguishers

Of course you do not have to have outside trainers as long as the person delivering the training has sufficient knowledge, experience and expertise. Since our team have all worked for the fire service, we feel meet the criteria to give your staff great training!

How to book workplace fire extinguisher training with us

Booking workplace fire extinguisher training course with us is so easy. Either email us or call us with your dates. We will ask for some details and as soon as we have them, your fire extinguisher training is booked! It really is as simple as that to provide your staff with first class training.

Remember, all persons on the course get a training certificate and also online fire training notes.


workplace fire extinguisher training London

Fire marshal training Essex – In house and off site courses

Marshal training EssexMarshal training Essex

If your staff need fire marshal training Essex programmes, we can deliver in house and also off site training. Furthermore, we are an approved fire training centre and can change our course to include your plans.

Our in house fire marshal training Essex sessions can also include live fire training. You will need a suitable outside space and we can give details of what you need for this. Either call us or email us for live fire training details.

Off site courses can be run at a venue of your choice ( you will have to pay for the venue). Alternatively, we have some free availability in Colchester for some customers. Either call us or email us for details.

Marshal training Essex course content

First of all, we discuss fire law and also common causes of fire. The persons on the course will learn about classes of fire and also fire extinguishers. We can also provide a live fire training session if you have a suitable outside space. Next, we look at the role of a fire marshal. We discuss fire emergency plans, fire hazards and also fire drills. Finally we discuss evacuation, accounting for persons and disabled evacuation. For a full syllabus check out the link above.

All of our course team have worked for Essex Fire Service as industrial and commercial trainers. Your staff will get fire service style training for a fraction of their price. We will also try to beat any like for like quote from any other local fire training provider. Remember, we are an approved fire training centre and this course is accredited. Each person on the course gets a certificate and online training notes after finishing the course.

How to book fire marshal training Essex courses

Booking a course with us is so easy! Either call us or email us with your preferred dates. We will ask for your details and also agree our terms and conditions. Once we have your details, your course is booked! London courses.


fire marshal training London

Welcome to our new City Fire Training blog page

City Fire TrainingCity Fire Training blog page


Welcome to the new City Fire Training blog page. You will find out about fire safety issues, recent fires and also our latest courses!

At City Fire Training we try to give you all the information you need to stay safe in your workplace and also your home. As an approved fire training centre we have a range of workplace fire safety courses that will help managers comply with the fire law. Since our programmes are workplace specific, you can be sure your staff will learn about risks and hazards that could be in their place of work.

City Fire Training – approved fire training centre

So what is an approved fire training centre? There are four recognised fire industry bodies that ensure that their members meet high standards. Our company is accredited with the Institute of Fire Safety Managers, a fire industry trade body that monitors suppliers of fire safety goods and services throughout the UK.

Our course programme has been viewed by our peers and judged excellent. Therefore, we know that your staff will great fire training that will help them reduce risk and increase safety where they work.

How to book City Fire Training for your workplace training

Booking a course with us is so easy! Either call us or email us with your preferred date. We have a large number of trainers so we should be able to provide training when you want it. We will ask for some details and also ask you to agree our terms. Once you have given us your details and also agreed our terms, Your course is booked! It really is that easy.

If you send us names before the training we will produce attendance certificates and give them out after completion. We will also forward online fire training notes to you too.


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