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School fire door inspections

School fire door inspections

School fire door inspections will help ensure that fire doors perform correctly in the event of a fire. This will also help the safe evacuation of all persons in the building when a fire occurs.

An accredited fire door survey looks at all parts of the door and also frame. In addition, signage, seals and also glass is inspected.

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School fire training is essential for all school staff

School fire training

Why all staff need school fire trainingschool fire training

So why do all staff in educational premises need school fire training? After all, most school have regular fire drills and they are carried really quickly!

School fire training needs to cover a range of issues not just fire drills. So what should your school fire training include? Classes of fire and also how to use fire extinguishers are a must know for all staff. Some other key staff will need to know what maintenance checks need to be carried out and also how often.

All school staff need to know the contents of the fire emergency plan. This is not just how to get out in an emergency, it is about all fire safety issues in the building. For example, all schools carry out fire drills during normal school days, but drills are also needed for breakfast and after school clubs. They are also required if the building is hired to third parties. Head teachers should also consider fire drills during break and lunch times to see how efficient their fire plan is.

Why train all staff though? We have teachers everywhere!! Some schools believe administration staff and catering staff may not need such comprehensive training. However, many administration departments and catering have regular contact with pupils, so must react immediately putting plans into place if a fire occurs.

School fire training course content

Our school fire training programme is specifically for educational premises. It is based on government, fire service and also British Standard advice. We also include types of fires in schools and how to use fire extinguishers. It covers fire law, fire emergency plans and also safety checks. We also look at hazard spotting and finally evacuation and accounting of all persons in the building. This includes
visitors, parents, disabled pupils and other persons, contractors etc.

For more details of our school fire training either call us or email.