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Fire marshal training legal requirements

Fire marshal training legal requirementsfire marshal training legal requirements

What are your fire marshal training legal requirements?

So what are your fire marshal training legal requirements? Fire law requires persons in charge of fire safety in a building to have an evacuation plan in the event of a fire. The law also requires that person to have sufficient number of trained personnel to put the plan into place.

The frequency of fire marshal training will be based on the level of risk in the building. This can be found out by carrying out a fire risk assessment in the place of work. Places of work where there is a high life risk such as a care homes would need training more often than a small ground floor shop with a small amount of floor space.

Even though fire deaths in places of work are uncommon, regular fire training of fire marshals is required. You may need additional fire marshal training if you have shift work or also a high turnover of staff. The following list provides a rough guide to fire marshal training frequency:

Places with sleeping accommodation such as care homes and also hotels – annual fire training
Large buildings where members of the public gather – annual training
Buildings that offer healthcare and also where disabled persons visit – annual fire training
Buildings such as schools, colleges, nurseries and also universities – annual fire training
Premises with large numbers of persons or high risk – annual fire training
Smaller buildings such as offices, small retail units or also small low risk units – fire training every two or three years.

Fire marshal training – How can we help?

We provide fire marshal training throughout the United Kingdom. Our three hour courses are approved training sessions and also are one fee for any number of staff. Our fire marshal training course can be changed to include your plans and risks if you need in house training.

Booking a course with us is so easy. Either email us or call us with your preferred dates. Once we have agreed a date we ask for some details and also ask you to agree our terms. Once we have your details your course is booked!

Fire risk assessments

You can also have us carry out a fire risk assessment and then provide fire marshal training. We can tthen discuss any issues that we have to help all persons understand about fire safety.