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Do you have to have live fire extinguisher training?

live fire extinguisher trainingLive fire extinguisher training – Do you have to have this?

Live fire extinguisher training

Do staff have to have live fire extinguisher training? That was a question to our office yesterday.

All staff in a workplace need to know the contents of their fire emergency plan. This includes what to do if they discover a fire, action to take on hearing the alarm, the fire procedures and also fire fighting equipment in the workplace. However, there is no requirement for live fire extinguisher training. Notwithstanding this, many managers do want staff to tackle small fires so they can fight a real fire if one occurs.

Our fire marshal courses and also fire extinguisher courses can include live fire training sessions. We use an LPG fire training rig and our extinguishers at your site and also at our site in London. Using water, foam and CO2 extinguishers your staff can gain useful experience, so that they have the confidence to tackle firesĀ in their workplace.

Each person on our course will also get a training certificate and online notes. Remember all of our courses are IFSM approved, so your staff can be sure of excellent fire training. As an approved centre we can also adapt the course to include your fire plans. Therefore your staff can have training tailored to their place of work.

How to book live fire extinguisher training

Booking one of courses is so easy! Either call or email us with your preferred fire training dates. Once we have agreed a date, we will send a booking email and also ask you to agree our terms. Once we have your details your course is booked. We will invoice you within one week and our trainer will contact you a day or so before the course date. This is so we can arrange an arrival time and discuss room layout and also any outside space requirements.