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Fire safety checks Assembly points

Fire safety checks Assembly Points

Fire safety checks Assembly points

Fire safety checks Assembly points guide will help managers to see if there area is suitable. if “No” is answered to any of the questions then either a review of the assembly point is required or fire training is needed.

  • Is the fire assembly point located in a safe place?
  • Are the routes to the assembly point safe?
  • Is the assembly point and also routes provided with sufficient lighting?
  • Has the provision of shelter at the assembly point been considered?
  • Is the assembly point at least 50 metres away from the building? Also, if this is not achievable is the distance mot closer than 18 metres?
  • Has an alternative assembly point been picked in case the fire gets bigger?
  • Are all staff familiar with the location of and route to the assembly point?
  • Are visitors informed of the location of the the assembly point when they arrive at the building?
  • If there is more than one assembly point in the building, do staff and visitors no which one to go to?

This quick guide will help managers determine if their assembly point is suitable. Try a fire drill and ask drill observers to make special note of how staff access the area and also if there is any confusion or learning points.

Fire training

One of the best ways to teach staff about assembly points is by regular fire training and also include it on on new staff induction training too!

Fire marshal courses and also general staff fire training course will include this vital information. City Fire training courses can be delivered in house or open seminars and also at the other sites. You may also wish to ask about remote online training using Google Meet, Microsoft teams etc.

For more details either call or email us now.

fire safety checks visitors

Fire safety checks Visitors

Fire safety checks Visitors

This fire safety checks visitors guide will help managers. It will help ensure that they have good plans in place and also comply with fire law.

If “No” is answered to any of the next questions, then a change may be required. An upgrade to plans should also be carried out:

  • Are visitors required to sign in on arrival at the workplace?
  • Are visitors given a pass that shows the fire procedure?
  • Is there a plan in place to ensure the visitor understands the fire procedure?
  • Is a host allocated to the visitors so that there whereabouts are tracked?
  • Are hosts also able to confirm that the visitors have left the building in the fire alarm sounds?
  • In the fire alarm sounds, is there a sweep of the building in addition to a check of the visitor register?
  • Is the evacuation of visitors specifically covered in the fire emergency plan and also evacuation plans?
  • Is the evacuation of visitors practiced in fire drills?
  • Are receptionists trained about their fire safety role and the importance of signing in visitors?

Fire safety checks Visitors – more info

Since a fire alarm can operate at any time, good fire plans are needed in every workplace. The fire plan must include how to get visitors out safely and also to account for them.

Each workplace should have unique fire plans and not rely on a generic plan. City Fire Training provide fire training courses and can assist with visitor plans and also other fire plans.

Booking courses

Booking courses with CFT is so easy! Either email or call us for your preferred date. Once we have agreed a date, we will send a booking email and also our terms and conditions. Once we have the info we need and you have also agreed our terms – your course is booked.