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Fire marshal duties and responsibilities

Fire marshal duties and responsibilitiesFire marshal duties and responsibilities

What are your Fire marshal duties and responsibilities?

What are our fire marshal duties and responsibilities? This is a common question we are asked on our courses and also in calls to our offices. This guide will tell what you need to know about fire marshal duties and responsibilities.

Fire safety law

Fire law requires responsible persons of places of work to plan for  fires in their building and also to have enough persons to put the plan into place. These persons are called fire marshals and also fire wardens.

Fire marshals need fire training and it should be carried out regularly. The law does not say how often fire marshals must be trained. The amount of training is based on the level of risk in the premises.

What duties do fire marshals have?

Government fire safety booklets give advice on how fire marshals can help managers keep a building safe. This includes daily duties and also what to do in an emergency.

Non emergency duties:

  • Carry out daily checks of escape routes and also check fire exit doors.
  • Check fire panel for any fire alarm faults and report them if found.
  • On going check for hazards and also any fire safety breaches ie wedging open doors.
  • Helping with weekly fire alarm tests. They can assist with ensuring the alarm is loud enough and also to see if automatic fire doors shut / security doors open when the alarm sounds
  • Helping with monthly emergency lighting flick tests
  • Carrying out fire drills or also acting as observers during them
  • Reporting to a manager of their possible absence so replacements can takeover their role

Emergency duties

  • Put the fire evacuation plan into place
  • This could involve a roll call or sweep system
  • Assisting evacuation buddies after search has been completed
  • Shutting all doors and windows while carrying out search of premises
  • Reporting to the person in charge that their area or floor is clear

How to book fire marshal training

Booking a course with us is so easy! Either call or email us with your fire marshal training needs. This can be places on open courses and also in house fire marshal training. Once we have agreed a date and you have answered our questions and agreed our terms. Your course is booked!