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A great fire warden course London

Fire warden course Londonfire warden course London

A great fire warden course London today

We carried out a great fire warden course London today. It was attended by fire wardens and also by building managers. Our client was based in a multi-tenanted building so had to consider the landlords fire emergency plan.

This building has a range of different companies in it. Most are offices but there is also a fashion designer located in the premises. The site has a good fire emergency plan and also evacuation plans. Our client is extending their workspace by occupying another floor of the building, so called us in to help them make a new plan.

The manager had carried out a fire risk assessment some months ago but knew a new assessment would be required. They decided to have new training and establish some plans before carrying out the new fire risk assessment.

Fire warden course London – tailored training

Our client had sent one person on one of our open courses. Their member of staff thought our course was great so decided to call us for in house fire warden training.

We provided training that included fire law, causes of fire, fire extinguishers, fire emergency plans, evacuation and accounting for staff and disabled evacuation. Most of the fire precautions are tested by the landlord, however, we covered other tests that were needed. The training team also took pictures around the workplace and used them in the fire warden course London programme.

We have also been asked to carry the fire risk assessment of the place of work! In addition, we have been asked to carry out a fire risk assessment of the common areas for the landlord.

Booking a course with us is so easy. So is a fire risk assessment. Wither call or email us with your details and preferred dates. We will contact you and arrange a suitable time and date.

Who needs workplace fire extinguisher training?

Who needs workplace fire extinguisher training?

So who needs workplace fire extinguisher training? This is a common question on our fire marshal and also manager courses. The fire law requires responsible persons to have a fire emergency plan for their workplace. The content of the fire emergency plan should also be the basis for staff fire training.

Government guidance covers the contents of fire emergency plans for different types of workplace. Since each guidance note says that staff must know about fire fighting equipment in the workplace, the inference is clear! All staff should know about fire extinguishers in their workplace.

What should we teach staff about fire extinguishers?

City Fire Training are an approved fire training centre and also provide many different types of workplace course. Our accrediting body says our course is approved and it includes:

  • Classes and also types of fire
  • Different types of fire extinguishers
  • The best extinguisher for each type of fire and also other classes they can used on
  • A video presentation of the use of fire extinguishers or…
  • A live fire training session using a safe training rig and also our extinguishers

Of course you do not have to have outside trainers as long as the person delivering the training has sufficient knowledge, experience and expertise. Since our team have all worked for the fire service, we feel meet the criteria to give your staff great training!

How to book workplace fire extinguisher training with us

Booking workplace fire extinguisher training course with us is so easy. Either email us or call us with your dates. We will ask for some details and as soon as we have them, your fire extinguisher training is booked! It really is as simple as that to provide your staff with first class training.

Remember, all persons on the course get a training certificate and also online fire training notes.


workplace fire extinguisher training London