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fire safety checks Contractors

Fire safety checks Contractors

Fire safety checks Contractors

Fire safety checks Contractors guide will help managers have a safer workplace and also comply with Fire law.

If “No” is answered to any of the questions below, then fire safety plans with contactors need to be looked at and also other advice is sought.

  • Are contractors and also their tools etc adequately managed in the workplace?
  • Does a plan relating to building contactors exist?
  • Is there a policy for communications between contractors and site occupiers?
  • Is there a “hot work permit” in place and also do staff know about it?
  • After contractors have left, are fire marshals and also other staff told to check areas for fire safety ?
  • Are contracted works fire risk assessed and also are contractors fire safety training checked before works start?
  • Are contractors covered in the fire risk assessment and also the fire emergency plan?

Fires in workplaces

Having contractors in a workplaces increases the risk of fire in a building. This is because of a number of reasons. These include; fire doors propped open to allow easy access, use of tools that create heat and also changing fire safety arrangement while works are completed.

Good plans and also procedures are needed in a workplace to ensure that risk is reduced. City Fire Training fire marshal courses and also other in house courses can cover this issue.

How to book fire training

Booking a course is so easy. Either email or call with the dates you want. Once a date is agreed, send invoicing details and agree out terms and conditions. The course is then booked!

The training team will contact managers a day or two before the training is due. They will discuss room layout, outside area needed (if required) and also arrival times etc.

Either call us or email us now to book your fire training!

fire safety checks - fire extinguishers

Fire safety checks – fire extinguishers

Fire safety checks – fire extinguishers. This short guide will help managers determine whether they have sufficient fire extinguishers and also training for their staff and building.

British Standards and also government guidance will help managers select the correct type and number of extinguishers. This short guide will also help assess adequacy of fire fighting equipment:

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