Online fire marshal training

We no longer provide online fire training. If you have previously purchased online training call us for details.


Online fire marshal courses

No longer available.

Frequently asked questions

Is your online fire training accredited?

Yes. As an approved fire training centre all of our online fire training courses are accredited with the IFSM

What is the difference between bespoke and tailored fire marshal training online?

Our tailored courses include our general online fire marshal training course plus two extra lessons using your plans and procedures. 

Bespoke training is 6 different lessons about fire safety in your workplace. The video lessons will be shot in your workplace and will include your staff as actors in the lessons. This is the most effective way of getting staff to carry out online fire training!!

How long does an online fire marshal training course take to do?

Most users can finish the course in  an hour. Users can start a lesson and then come back and finish other lessons at different times. They can also use the site as many times as they like throughout the year.

Is fire marshal training online regarded as acceptable by the fire service?

Some fire marshal training online courses are generic and may not be passed unless used with other training media. We recommend that our single courses are completed and read with the workplace fire emergency plan. Our bespoke and tailored courses include “your workplace” fire plans and evacuation plans, so will be regarded as suitable.

What is different about your online fire marshal courses? There are a lot of others on offer!

There are lots of organisations offering online fire marshal courses, online fire extinguisher training, online fire awareness and other online fire training courses. Our fire marshal training online courses can be tailored to your workplace or building.

We can offer you a tailored website for your staff. This means they will view our regular online fire marshal training course plus two further lessons. These will be your fire plans and evacuation plans.

Alternatively, we can come to your site and film in your building and use your staff as actors. Our research shows that more persons conduct the training and quicker than other options!

Is your online fire training course suitable for theatre staff?

Theatres are considered to be high risk premises. This is because there is a high life risk. Persons will be unfamiliar with the building and also that there may be a large number of children, the elderly and disabled persons.

Any online fire marshal training should be about the premises. As theatres and similar premises have very specific plans and may have more comprehensive fire emergency plans than other workplaces. Any fire marshal training online courses should be tailored or bespoke to the premises.

We are able to provide online fire training courses that include online fire extinguisher training and also online fire marshal training that can only be viewed by your theatre staff.

Either call us or email us for more details.

Can you provide references for your bespoke online fire training service?

We know that offering online fire training websites for staff is quite unique! If you need references from previous clients, we can provide them for you.

We want online fire warden training. Can you provide this for us?

Fire marshals and fire wardens carry out the same role. We do not title our general fire marshal course as fire warden training. However, if you elect for bespoke training we can change the names of lessons to include fire warden training etc.

We are a fire training provider. Do you offer your packages as resellers?

Yes. We can do this two ways. Firstly, we can sell you a number of single general courses. We do offer re-sellers a generous discount subject to the numbers purchased. Alternatively we can also provide a white label version of our Fire Training Course Online website. It will have all of your logos names, pictures and changes in text. You will also get a back office that we will be unable to view. This service is offered on an annual renewal basis.

How much does an online fire marshal training tailored package and bespoke package cost?

Tailored and also bespoke fire training packages will not cost as much as you would think! Our tailored workplace on-line fire marshal training courses are from £300+vat per year for up to 100 users. That is just £3+vat per person, so is one of the cheapest approved courses that can be purchased. Since it is a tailored package, we include your own fire emergency plan and also fire evacuation plans to our general course. 

Bespoke fire packages will cost a little more. This is because we rewrite our video scripts, will film at your premises and help provide suitable fire emergency plans and procedures. The cost will depend on the amount of work that is required? We will charge an initial fee including the first year and then a small yearly fee.