fire marshal training near me

Fire marshal training near me!

Fire marshal training near me!

Fire marshal training near me is a popular search term, so lets find out if we are near you!

Open courses are held at Southwark College, Waterloo, London. The venue is so easy to find as we located just 50 metres from Southwark tube station. Open courses are held each month , so booking places that work for your diary is also easy.

In addition, to open courses, you can hire our site in Stratford, East London. Our venue is Stratford Circus Arts Centre, a lively and vibrant venue which is close to Stratford tube and overground stations. Courses here include live fire training, so all of your staff who attend can tackle real fires with our extinguishers.

Lastly, we can come to your site and carry out fire training. So, to answer the question – Fire marshal training near me? Yes, we can train wherever you need us!

Course contents

This IFSM approved course covers all a person needs to know to be a fire marshal. The course covers fire law, common causes of fire, case histories, classes of fire, fire extinguishers, fire emergency plans, safety checks, hazard spotting, evacuation and accounting of persons, disabled fire procedures and also much more. This course also includes live fire extinguisher training.

How to book fire marshal training near me!

Booking open courses, off-site training or in house programmes is so easy. Either call us or email us for preferred dates. Once a date has been agreed, a booking form will be sent asking for info. Once we have the info we need and you have also agreed our terms: Your course is booked.

Invoices are sent a few days after booking and open course or off-site joining instructions are sent 7-10 days before the course date. If you book in house training, one of our team will call you a few days before the training.

Fire marshal training January

Fire marshal training January – Southwark College

Fire marshal training January course – Southwark College

The fire marshal training January course will be held at Southwark College. Waterloo, London on the 28th Jan 2020. A fire extinguisher course will also be held at the same time at the college.

This three hour IFSM approved course is ideal for new and also existing fire marshals. Fire wardens can also attend this course. All persons on the courses will be provided with a certificate on completion of the course.

Fire marshal training syllabus

This course has five parts. Firstly, students will learn about fire law, common causes of fire and also why they should attend fire marshal training and how often. Next, fire extinguishers and types of fire are discussed before the third session. This is the practical part of the course so persons on it can tackle real fires with extinguishers. Next, non emergency duties of fire marshals are discussed and this includes fire plans, safety checks and also hazard spotting and drills. Finally, we look at reactive fire marshal duties and look at how to get people out of building safely.

More info

Persons on the course should wear casual clothing and flat shoes so they can take part in the live fire training exercises. They should also bring writing materials, but can use cameras or mobile phones to take pictures of slides on the course. In addition, we do send online notes to all attendees after the course. Persons on the course will also all get a certificate on completion of the training.

How to find us

Finding the venue is so easy. Go to Southwark tube station. After leaving the station turn right into The Cut. The college is 50 metres across the road.

Book now

There are only 8 places left on this course, so early booking is advised. Either call us or email to make your booking.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all of our clients, students and also suppliers of City Fire Training Ltd.

It has been an amazing year, with us recording our busiest demand for fire marshal training London and also fire risk assessments.

We hope to see you all in 2020!

Is online fire training suitable?

Is online fire training suitable?

Is online fire training suitable? All staff in a workplace need regular fire training and also others with a role in the fire plan will need additional tuition. This can cause a lot of disruption, especially if there is a high turnover of staff.

We look at how online training can work and also sometimes why it doesn’t!

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fire safety checks - fire extinguishers

Fire safety checks – fire extinguishers

Fire safety checks – fire extinguishers. This short guide will help managers determine whether they have sufficient fire extinguishers and also training for their staff and building.

British Standards and also government guidance will help managers select the correct type and number of extinguishers. This short guide will also help assess adequacy of fire fighting equipment:

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Fire marshal training London July

Fire marshal training London July

Fire marshal training London July

Fire marshal training London July 16th 2019 at Southwark College. This IFSM accredited course is ideal for new and existing fire marshals. This course includes all fire marshals need to know about their role and also has a live fire exercise.

The course is five parts:

First session is about why fire marshals are needed in workplaces and also looks at some recent fires.

Second session is about types of fires and also fire extinguishers. This is followed by the third session, where persons on the course can tackle real fires using our extinguishers and also training rig.

After a short break, the course moves onto non emergency fire safety issues. This includes fire emergency plans, hazard spotting, fire safety tests and checks and also fire drills. Lastly, the course cover emergency issues: What to do when a fire alarm sounds, roll calls, sweep systems and also disabled fire procedures.

Fire marshal training London July – certificates and notes

All persons on the course get a fire training certificate on completion of the course and also online notes on request. Persons on the course can also take photos of our slides. However, the presentation is not given to attendees as some parts of it are copyrighted photographs.

Fire marshal training London July – How to book on this course

Booking a course is so easy. Either call us or email us with your preferred fire marshal course date. Once we have confirmed that spaces are available, a booking email will be sent. Simply provide the information requested and agree the terms and conditions and your course is booked. An invoice will be sent and this must be paid within 30 days of receipt. Joining instructions are sent to the person booking the course seven to ten before the course date.