Fire Risk Assessments London, Fire Emergency Plans & Fire Risk Assessors London – From £395+vat

City Fire Training fire risk assessors London team carry out a fire risk assessment London and also fire risk assessments flats London service.

The Fire law says all workplaces must have a fire risk assessment and also a fire emergency plan.   These FRAs and  plans must also be in writing if there are five or more staff. CFT fire risk assessors London team can supply plans and  assessments, so buildings are safe. The team has carried out hundreds of fire risk assessments London inspections, so can make sure your workplace comply with the law!


Fire risk assessments London and Fire risk assessors London team

The fire risk assessors London team are  ex fire service staff. The team are also on the IFE list.  The fire risk assessments reports have a simple colour code, so this helps managers to spot risks. PAS 79 and also PAS 79 style reports pass will pass fire service inspections. Reports also tell how often the fire risk assessment should be carried out. Either call or email for more info.

Fire risk assessment London

The fire risk assessment London service is for all buildings and also blocks of flats. Fees are based on the size of the building. Higher fees for listed buildings and also buildings served with a Fire Service notice. Fire risk assessment London inspections and reports can take less than 3 days to produce. Fire risk assessment London inspections are either morning / afternoon or full day visits. Reports for flats also how often the FRA should be carried out and  checklist plan. For details of this service either call or email.

Inspections and fire risk assessments flats London

Selling a flat? A fire risk assessment of the common areas of the building is needed. Some property sales are delayed if there is no fire risk assessment.  PAS 79 fire risk assessments for flats will pass fire service inspections and are also accepted by solicitors. For more details of  fire risk assessment London or fire risk assessments flats London either call or email now. Please note CFT do not provide fire risk assessments in common areas of residential flats fitted with combustible cladding.

Fire risk assessment frequency

How often a fire risk assessment is carried out will depend on the risk in a building or workplace. For example the fire risk assessment frequency of flats will be less than a care home. Fire risk assessment review after:

Changes to the building

Changes in the workplace 

A fire in the building

Changes in  staff numbers

 Yearly review

Fire service visit

Our fire risk assessor London team can talk to you about fire risk assessment London frequency. In addition, we can set up an yearly visits to workplaces. Either call us or email us for more info.

Fire risk assessment checklist

If you are doing your own fire risk assessments London, follow government guidance. This link is for the fire risk assessment checklist. Managers will be able to carry out their own fire risk assessment London in a small and simple building. However, a professional fire risk assessor should be used if the building is larger or high risk. Either call or email for more info.

What fire safety checks do we need to carry out in our workplace?

Fire safety checks in a workplace will depend on the type of premises. The following list is  a typical fire safety checklist . The content could be:

Fire risk assessment and also audit frequency

Signs including, exit signs, fire door signs and also action notices

Fire resistance and compartmentation

Fire drills, marshals and accounting for people

Visitors, contractors and also disabled plans

Calling the fire service

Assembly point and also secondary assembly points

Highly flammable materials

Information to fire service and also out of hours arrangements 

Post fire plans

Click on the links for more detailed information about the topics.

Fire risk assessments London – Case history

Factory building fire risk assessment. Significant findings:

Fire training

No record of staff training and also no record of fire marshal training.

Fire drills

Some fire drills carried out, however not the required number of drills. There was also one false alarm that was recorded as drill.

Door seals and strips

The fire doors strips in the office area were in good condition. However, fire door strips in the factory area were in poor condition, so required replacement.

Fire extinguishers

The fire extinguishers were checked by a local company each year. There was no record of monthly checks, so a recommendation to carry this out was made.

Fire stopping

Fire stopping was in good condition. However, there was one area which had been missed, so recommendations to contact an appropriate company was made.

Disabled refuges

Good disabled evacuation system in place. There were three persons who required assistance with evacuation and all understood the plans.

Fire doors

Some fire doors were wedged open. Others also had extensive damage, so a recommendation to replace was made.

Fire exits

Fire exits were in good condition. However, one was poorly lit at night and also another had excessive inappropriate  signage on it.

Smoke detectors

Damage to one smoke detector in a storage area and also two were covered with plastic caps.

Boiler room

There was excessive storage in the boiler room and also the wrong extinguisher was in the room. 

Record keeping

Record keeping was reasonable. Some tests had been missed and also some plans were not available for inspectors.

Contractor procedures

Contractor procedures and also hot work policies were not available for inspectors.

Fire training has now been booked for this client. They have agreed to include the findings of the fire risk assessment, so that staff are informed of legal requirements and also faults in the building.

Are you a fire safety supplier?

Supply fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire risk assessments London and fire extinguishers? CFT fire risk assessors London team can carry out fire risk assessments London for your clients. The fire risk assessors London team will provide a report for you and your client so that they can make any improvements required. Either call or email for more details.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to do a fire risk assessment in my workplace?

Yes. You must carry out a fire risk assessment at your workplace and produce a fire emergency plan. The fire risk assessment must be in writing if there are five or more employees or volunteers in the workplace.

How often should we carry out a fire risk assessment?

The fire risk assessment frequency will depend on the workplace. You will also need to carry out a fire risk assessment if there are changes to the building structure, significant changes to work practices or significant changes in number of employees.

Can we carry out the fire risk assessment ourselves?

Yes. You can carry out a fire risk assessment London inspection and report yourself. You will be able to find a fire risk assessment checklist on the internet. We advise that you only carry out a fire risk assessment if it is a simple building and that you have sufficient knowledge and experience in carrying out risk assessments. For larger buildings or complex workplaces call our fire risk assessors London team

How often should fire risk assessment flats London be carried out?

It is very unusual for the internal common areas in flats to change. We recommend that an initial fire risk assessment is carried out and then an annual review also undertaken.

How much is your fire risk assessment flats London service? Do you offer discounts for multiple sites?

The cost of the fire risk assessment for flats service will depend on the size of the building and also whether any notices have been served on the building or the responsible person. We do offer discounts for multiple sites. The discounts can be larger if the sites are near to each other and so that the inspections can be carried out on the same day.

Fire risk assessment London – How quickly can you carry out a visit and provide a report?

We can usually carry out a fire risk assessment London inspection within a few days. Writing the report can also be be carried out in a day or so but this may take a little longer if they are several issues to resolve. All of our reports are prepared by the assessor who has a fire service background. They will then be checked by our senior fire risk assessor.

How often should fire risk assessments flats London be carried out?

After we have carried out a fire risk assessment flats London visit, a landlord may have some work to carry out. If this is complicated, it may be wise to book us in for an additional inspection. If there are no or few significant findings, it may be appropriate to just review the fire risk assessment report and findings once per year. This could be done by the landlord or agent.

Can you supply references and insurance details?

Yes we can provide references from previous fire risk assessment London clients. In addition, we can supply our insurance details to clients.

Do you give advice after fire risk assessments London inspections have been carried out?

Yes our fire risk assessors London team do give advice after the assessment. Our assessors will speak to you or your contractors if they are unsure how to improve fire safety. After FRA advice is normally limited to a a couple of emails or a couple of phone calls. For more complex advice please ask us for our fire consultancy rates.

Do you provide discounts for fire risk assessments on flats?

Discounts are available if fire risk assessments on flats locations are close to each other. In addition, we do offer some discounts for regular clients. Furthermore we offer discounts for those requiring an audit / review and not a full report.

Either call us or email us for more details.