fire marshal training London – In house and open courses

Fire marshal training London – Open and in house fire marshal courses

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17th July 2018 - 1400 - 1700 hrs

22nd August 2018

19th September 2018

10.00 - 13.00 hrs

Venue for the course - Lewsiham Southwark College, The Cut, South Bank, London

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Our fire training courses include

Marshals and warden training

Marshals and warden training

This fire marshal training programme is an accredited course. It is for fire marshals and also for fire wardens. It is the ideal platform for nominated staff to learn about their role and help them evacuate and account for persons in their workplace.

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Extinguisher and general staff courses

Extinguisher and general staff courses

Open and in house accredited fire extinguisher courses. You can also include fire emergency plans, fire evacuation plans and hazard spotting sessions on your in house course. These training programmes help employers meet their legal duties for staff fire training in their workplace.

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Fire safety for managers and responsible persons

Fire safety for managers and responsible persons

Fire managers and responsible persons have a number of legal duties. Therefore, we provide in house programmes for those who have fire safety responsiblilities. We also provide in house fire risk assessment mentoring for those who have duties to assess fire risk in their place of work.

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School fire training

School fire training

Accredited in house school fire training. This course includes basic fire safety in schools, fire extinguishers with live fire training and also daily and emergency duties. Our school fire training programme can include your own plans and procedures to provide further understanding for those with fire safety responsibilities.

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Residential care home fire training

Residential care home fire training

Accredited residential care home fire training . This in house fire training is suitable for all staff and includes fire extinguishers, care home fire procedures, stages of fires and also evacuation methods. The programme can include monitored fire drills, evacuation equipment and fire safety features in care homes.

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Hotel fire training

Hotel fire training

Approved hotel fire training which is suitable for all staff. This course includes fire extinguishers, fire safety checks, fire drills, evacuation of staff and guests and also accounting for all persons in a hotel building. Unlimited numbers of staff can attend.

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Other workplace courses

Other workplace courses

We provide a number of accredited fire training courses for other types of workplace. These include approved construction site fire marshal, fire warden courses and also site induction training. In addition, we provide fire safety for healthcare premises including dentists, doctors surgeries and hospitals.

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Fire marshal training London

Our fire marshal training London programmes will help:

  • Managers may place any number of staff and fire marshals on an in house course.
  • All persons on our open fire training course receive certificates and online notes.
  • In house staff get certificates or company fire training certificate plus online notes.
  • Our trainers have worked as fire service trainers, fire safety officers and operational fire fighters.
  • We can provide full insurance details on request to customers.
  • On-site fire training courses or and fire marshal training London training venues for open courses.
  • Can include practical fire extinguisher sessions, and fire drills.
  • All fire marshal training London courses are based on Government guidance booklets, British Standard fire extinguisher, fire guidance and published Fire Service advice based training.
  • Managers can combine training courses for the same daily or half day fee.
  • You may combine your training with other offices, schools or workplaces and share the fire training fee.
  • Managers can combine fire marshal training London, staff fire training and fire risk assessments for the staff and buildings

Who we are

City Fire Training can provide in house fire marshal training in London at either your premises or at a location of your choice. Also, our courses can include a practical fire extinguisher session, providing you have a suitable outside space.

Our in house fire warden course programme is based on Government fire safety guidance booklets, published fire service advice and also British Standard recommendations. Course attendees will each receive a certificate of attendance and will be sent fire safety links after the course has taken place.

We are an approved fire training centre and consequently deliver first class fire training. We have been reviewed by the IFSM and have over ten accredited fire training courses.

How can I book?

Managers can either call or email us to make a fire marshal training London booking. We will provisionally book your date and hold it for five working days. We send an email asking for some details and when this has been received we will confirm your booking.

Why should you pick City Fire Training Ltd for your staff fire training, fire safety services and fire marshal training London programmes?

City Fire Training Ltd (CFT) is a first class fire training and services provider. Our team offer first class in house fire safety training courses including fire marshal training London programmes at either your site or at our training venues in London.

We can also provide consultancy and PAS 79 fire risk assessments that will meet fire brigade standards. Our team provide simple training for both single workplaces or multi site organisations. We have also provided services for Borough Councils, Housing Associations and blue chip global companies.

Frequently asked questions

Can you provide references from clients who use your fire marshal courses in London programme?

Yes. We can provide references from a number of clients who have used our fire marshal courses in London programme and/or have had in house fire marshal training in London. Our referees include well known LLPs based in the city, investment companies and other well known blue chip organisations.

Many of our clients have used our fire safety services since we started our company five years ago. Some were even previous clients when we trained them as serving fire safety officers with the fire service.

Our references are from companies and organisations for whom we have carried out fire marshal course programmes, residential care home fire training, fire risk assessment London services and fire safety consultancy.

How often should fire drills be carried out in a workplace?

How often should fire drills be carried out in a workplace?

This will depend on the type of workplace, the level of risk and hazard in the building, the type of occupants, turnover of staff and a few other factors.

Workplaces such as theatres, residential care homes, schools, high rise premises etc will most likely have more frequent fire drills than other types of workplace. If a workplace has shifts or night workers more drills should be carried out to ensure that all occupants understand the procedures to help them evacuate a building safely.

In more conventional workplaces every employee should take part in at least one fire drill per year. This may mean that there are two or more fire drills held each year to account for persons who were on holiday, sick or away from the workplaces whilst the other drill was carried out.

These fire safety issues and others are explained fully on our fire marshal courses in London. We provide open fire marshal courses and in house fire warden training in London. Attendees can discuss the correct procedures and gain a full understanding of the importance of practicing fire evacuations from their buildings. We can also run a fire drill at your on-site fire warden training course. Our team will set a scenario and monitor fire marshals and staff. We can then provide a debrief highlighting any issues or areas of improvement.

To book spaces on our open fire marshal course programme, call out fire safety team now!

We have two sites. Can you carry out fire marshal training in London at two different sites on the same day?

Yes. We can provide fire marshal training in London at different sites on the same day. We charge a daily rate plus a small additonal fee to cover additional parking charges, fuel etc. The fire marshal courses London would ideally be between 9-12 and 2 -5. This allows us time to pack up equipment , travel and re-set up our equipment.

We can adapt any fire warden / fire marshal courses in London to include your organisations fire emergency plan, fire evacuation plan and any other relevant details that you want us to include. A recent fire marshal course in London included a list of maintenance checks that fire marshals could carry out to assist the responsible person discharge their fire safety duties.

Can we send somebody on one of your open fire warden courses in London before booking an in house fire warden training in London programme?

Yes. You can send a member of staff on our open course and if you book an in house course within one month we will refund your open fire warden course in London fee. Remember: our fire warden training courses can be tailored to suit your specific fire procedures, fire emergency plan or organisational needs. You can place any number of persons on our in house fire warden courses in London, fire extinguisher training London sessions or other fire training courses in London.

We hold fire warden courses in London approx every 6 weeks or so. Call our booking team for further details about our open courses or in house fire marshal courses in London.

When can you carry out our training?

We normally have a 5 to 6 week waiting time to carry out in house fire marshal training in London, especially if you require a practical session included in your course. Occassionally, our team can deliver in house fire marshal courses in London at short notice but during other periods you may have to wait slightly longer before we are able to visit your building.

We have an experienced fire safety team and have many long term clients. Some of our clients books courses 6 – 12 months in advance to obtain their preferred training dates. We advise that you book as early as you can when considering fire training for your staff.

Alternatively, we do provide regular open fire marshal courses in London and this may mean you can train essential staff quickly. If you want to check out our training before booking, you can place yourself on one of our open courses and we will return your open course fee if you book an on-site / in house fire training course within three months.

Delayed evacuation in housing for vulnerable persons - Fire Marshal Training Course London article.

City Fire Training carried out a fire marshal course for a housing association that supports vulnerable persons in London recently. There was some interesting discussions on the use of delayed evacuation policies. In some of the HA projects, staff used a delayed evacuation procedure for some disabled persons. This was done on the basis of the findings of the fire risk assessment and after consultation with the service users. It must be stressed that delayed evacuation policies should only be used as a temporary solution and that a full evacuation strategy is also required should a fire escalate and become more serious.

We need accredited fire marshal training. Can you help?

We need accredited fire marshal training. Can you help?

Fire marshal training London – accredited fire training

We deliver fire marshal training London sessions that are accredited fire training. So what do we offer? As an approved fire training centre our course has been marked by a national body and awarded accredited status. As an approved centre we can also change the course to include your fire plans and detail specific risks in your place of work.

The course covers fire law, common causes of fire, extinguishers, fire drills, fire emergency plans and also hazard spotting. In addition, we review safety checks, evacuation and accounting methods and disabled plans.

If you have a suitable outside space we can include a live fire training session. We use a training rig and also our fire extinguishers.

This course is based on government, fire service and also British Standards advice. All persons on the course will receive a training certificate and also online training notes.

Does your company carry out fire risk assessments in London?

Yes we do carry out fire risk assessments in London. Our assessors produce PAS 79 fire risk reports. This is a national standard and many fire services use this standard to audit places of work.

For more either call us or click this link fire risk assessments London.

Do you provide online fire training?

Yes we provide accredited e fire training courses. Courses are offered for fire marshals and general staff in offices, factories, shops, construction sites, schools and also residential care homes.

Users can select an off the peg course which should be undertaken using your workplace fire emergency plan as guidance. This increases knowledge of fire safety and also makes the course workplace specific.

In addition, we produce and provide websites for organisations which provide e fire training solely for their staff. Tailored courses include up to four lessons from our workplace courses and then we add two further lessons using your fire emergency plan and also the fire evacuation procedure.

Some organisations ask to carry out bespoke e fire training for their staff. We will shoot new videos, add new text and also take photos of your site and its risks.

Either call us or email us for more details.