fire safety checks visitors

Fire safety checks Visitors

Fire safety checks Visitors

This fire safety checks visitors guide will help managers. It will help ensure that they have good plans in place and also comply with fire law.

If “No” is answered to any of the next questions, then a change may be required. An upgrade to plans should also be carried out:

  • Are visitors required to sign in on arrival at the workplace?
  • Are visitors given a pass that shows the fire procedure?
  • Is there a plan in place to ensure the visitor understands the fire procedure?
  • Is a host allocated to the visitors so that there whereabouts are tracked?
  • Are hosts also able to confirm that the visitors have left the building in the fire alarm sounds?
  • In the fire alarm sounds, is there a sweep of the building in addition to a check of the visitor register?
  • Is the evacuation of visitors specifically covered in the fire emergency plan and also evacuation plans?
  • Is the evacuation of visitors practiced in fire drills?
  • Are receptionists trained about their fire safety role and the importance of signing in visitors?

Fire safety checks Visitors – more info

Since a fire alarm can operate at any time, good fire plans are needed in every workplace. The fire plan must include how to get visitors out safely and also to account for them.

Each workplace should have unique fire plans and not rely on a generic plan. City Fire Training provide fire training courses and can assist with visitor plans and also other fire plans.

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