Fire warden courses London

fire warden courses LondonFire warden courses London

Fire warden courses London – open courses

Our fire warden courses London programme is popular with many clients. Today we trained 18 fire warden from a number of companies and they also took part in a live session.

Our  clients were a mix of office staff, restaurant and café staff, colleges and also from an engineering place of work.

Regular readers of this blog will know that a place of work must have fire plans and also persons to put the plan into place. These persons are called fire wardens or fire marshals. Regular training is needed to ensure wardens know what to do, so why not send your wardens to our course!


Fire warden courses London programme

This accredited course is split into four parts. Firstly, we look at fire law, common causes of fire at work and also some case histories. Persons on the course then learn about types of fire and also fire extinguishers. Next we look at non emergency roles and this includes hazard spotting, fire plans and also drills. Lastly we look at how fire wardens keep safe, how to get persons out of a building on fire and disabled fire plans.

Since this course includes a live fire training session, persons on the course are invited to fight some small fires. This will provide confidence, so if a fire starts in your building your staff will be ready!


How to book fire warden courses London programmes

Booking one of courses is so easy! First decide whether you want places on an open course or have an in house training session. Email us for course and also date availability. Once we have agreed a date we will send our course booking form and also ask you to agree our terms and conditions. Once you have replied with your details your course is booked!

Fire warden training London

Staff fire warden training London

Staff fire warden training London programmes

Staff fire warden training London

Our staff fire warden training London courses are ideal for persons acting as fire wardens. They will learn how to carry out their role safely and also quickly. In addition, they will be taught to carry out safety checks that will help managers comply with fire law.

Staff fire warden training London programmes can be run as in house courses or also as open courses in Southwark, South London. This is a three hour approved course which is accredited by the IFSM. Open courses are held each month but usually do fill up early, so early booking is advised.

Course content

First of all we discuss fire law and common causes of fire. Next attendees are taught about different types of fire and also which is the best extinguishers for those fires. We then talk about hazard spotting, safety checks and also how to carry out effective fire drills. Finally, we look at the fire warden emergency role. We discuss evacuation, accounting for persons, door procedures and disabled evacuation.

If you opt for an in house course we can change parts of the course to suit your place of work. Therefore your fire wardens will learn about specific fire risks in their building and your fire safety equipment.

Our fire trainers

All of our fire trainers have previously worked for the Fire Service Safety Partnership. Each has run thousands of fire training courses and will be able to answer any of your questions. As well as fire trainers, each is a fire risk assessor, so are able to discuss any legal fire safety issues.

How to book our staff fire warden training London courses

Booking a course with us is so easy. Either call us or email us with your preferred dates and we will talk you through the process.


A great fire warden course London

Fire warden course Londonfire warden course London

A great fire warden course London today

We carried out a great fire warden course London today. It was attended by fire wardens and also by building managers. Our client was based in a multi-tenanted building so had to consider the landlords fire emergency plan.

This building has a range of different companies in it. Most are offices but there is also a fashion designer located in the premises. The site has a good fire emergency plan and also evacuation plans. Our client is extending their workspace by occupying another floor of the building, so called us in to help them make a new plan.

The manager had carried out a fire risk assessment some months ago but knew a new assessment would be required. They decided to have new training and establish some plans before carrying out the new fire risk assessment.

Fire warden course London – tailored training

Our client had sent one person on one of our open courses. Their member of staff thought our course was great so decided to call us for in house fire warden training.

We provided training that included fire law, causes of fire, fire extinguishers, fire emergency plans, evacuation and accounting for staff and disabled evacuation. Most of the fire precautions are tested by the landlord, however, we covered other tests that were needed. The training team also took pictures around the workplace and used them in the fire warden course London programme.

We have also been asked to carry the fire risk assessment of the place of work! In addition, we have been asked to carry out a fire risk assessment of the common areas for the landlord.

Booking a course with us is so easy. So is a fire risk assessment. Wither call or email us with your details and preferred dates. We will contact you and arrange a suitable time and date.

Fire warden courses London sessions for your staff

Fire warden courses Londonfire warden courses London

Fire warden courses London programmes for your staff

So you need fire warden courses London programmes for your staff. We have a number of options including open courses, in house and also off site sessions. Our fire warden courses London are an ideal platform for your staff to learn about their fire safety role. As well as learning about fire law, fire extinguishers, fire drills, safety checks and also hazard spotting. We also discuss evacuation methods and accounting for all persons.

Why pick City Fire Training for your fire warden courses London programmes?

Our trainers are a highly experienced fire safety team. They have worked in the fire service and also industry as fire trainers and as assessors for several years. Our team know what inspecting fire officers look for during audits, so can make sure your organisation complies with the law.

We are also an approved fire training centre and our fire warden courses are accredited by a national fire industry group. The courses are all based on government, fire service and British Standard advice. Therefore you can be sure of great training.

We can provide references and also insurance details on request.

How to book fire warden courses for your staff

Booking fire warden courses for your staff is so easy. You can either call or email us with your preferred dates. Once we have agreed a date, we will ask for your details and also ask you to agree our terms and conditions. As soon as we have your details, your fire warden course is booked. It really is that easy.

A few days before your course, our trainer will contact you to make arrival arrangements at your site. If you have booked an open course we will send joining instructions with the course details. If you need any further information you can call us and we will be happy to help.