Fire marshal and warden training

Fire marshal and warden training

Fire marshal and warden training as open, in house and also off site training. So your staff need fire marshal or fire warden training? IFSM accredited courses for both existing and also new staff to these critical roles.

So what will persons on your course learn? Attendees will learn about fire law, common causes of fire, extinguishers, types of fire, practical on open courses and also optional for in house or off site. In addition, fire emergency plans, safety checks, hazard spotting and also fire drills. Lastly, they will learn about evacuation and accounting, disabled plans, emergency role of marshals and wardens.

Location and costs

Open courses are held at London Scottish House in Horseferry Road, London. This venue is also available for those needing off-site sessions solely for their staff. There is a small fee payable to the venue, however, we can do this for you.

In house courses are available as non-practical and also practical courses. You may have a practical session if there is a suitable outside space.

Costs – Open courses cost just £75+vat per person. In house courses are from £345+vat for non-practical courses. Managers may place as many persons on the courses as they wish. Numbers limited to 20 on practical courses.

Fire safety trainers

The fire safety trainers on fire marshal and warden training courses all have extensive fire service backgrounds. The trainers have all worked as operational, fire safety, training and also emergency planning officers.

Training dates

Next courses dates are available on the homepage or also on individual course pages. Open courses are usually run each month. Spaces usually run our quickly, so early booking is recommended. Booking courses is so easy. Email or call with your preferred dates. A booking email will be sent asking for some  info. Once the info has been received , the course is booked!!

fire door inspections

Fire door inspections

Fire door inspections

Fire door inspections may be needed if a fire risk assessor finds numerous faults during an FRA visit. Although, an assessor may mention specific faults if there are only a few fire door problems. They will often make a general note if there a number of problems with the buildings fire doors.

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How long does a fire warden certificate last?

How long does a fire warden certificate last?
How long does a fire warden certificate last?

So how long does a fire warden certificate last? The frequency of fire warden training will depend on the level of risk in a building or workplace.

Common questions to our office are “How often does my fire warden certificate last?” and “How often should we carry out fire training?” All staff and also volunteers in a workplace should receive fire training. The training will be based on the fire emergency plan and also the findings of the fire risk assessment.

Workplaces that would usually have frequent fire training including fire warden training include: Where there is a high life risk such as schools, care home, theatres, tall buildings, hotels etc. Fire warden training in high risk buildings should be carried out every one to two years

Workplaces that would have less frequent fire training could include a small shop and also a small office with a one or two floors. Since this type of building would be considered low risk, training could be carried out every three years or so.

In addition to regular fire warden training, workplaces should also carry out frequent fire drills. For most places of work two fire drills per year may be sufficient but in high risk buildings they should be more frequent. For example fire drills in theatres and care homes may need to be carried out every month.

How long does a fire warden certificate last? – Options for training

Our open fire warden training courses are held at least once per month in London. Course places to book up quickly, so early booking is recommended.

We can also come to your site and carry out fire warden training which could include live fire training if you have a suitable outside space.

Lastly, we also offer accredited online fire warden training which is easily tailored to your workplace. Organisations can have their own fire training website which includes your fire emergency plan and also fire evacuation for less than a half day training rate with us! You can also have as many staff take part in the training course as you wish throughout your yearly subscription.