fire door surveys in London

Fire door surveys in London

Fire door surveys in London can help managers see the effectiveness of fire doors in their workplace and also any remedial action needed.

Since fire doors are one of the most important fire safety measures in a building, these must be kept in good order. The fire door surveys in London service points out faults in doors and also any action needed to put them right.

Fire door surveys in London – What do they cover?

The survey will address the following points:

  • Any door identification and also any door numbering
  • Barcodes (if on door)
  • Door rating. This means the level of fire resistance. ie FD 30 – a thirty minute fire door or also a nominal FD30. So this means that in the opinion of the assessor the door is 30 minute rated but there is no certification to prove this.
  • Location of the door.
  • Door material and also frame material.
  • Dimensions of the door.
  • Type of door set. This could be a single type, double or also a door and a half.
  • Structure of the frame.
  • Type of hinges, check to see if CE or BS approved and also whether all screws are in place.
  • Locks.
  • Type of glass and also whether it is fire-rated.
  • Check that seals are in place, are in good condition and also the correct type.
  • Check that the gaps at top, side, jamb, bottom and also for double doors are the correct size.
  • Is the closer working correctly and also is the correct type.
  • Check the structure of the door and ensure it is good condition.
  • Ensure that the signs are appropriate and correct.
  • Lastly, we either fail or pass the door. We may pass the door but there is some simple remedial action required. Alternatively, the door or frame may fail and then any action required is detailed.
  • Photographs are also taken to highlight the faults found.

So what are you waiting for? Book your fire door surveys in London service now!


fire door surveys in London