a fire procedures review

A fire procedures review?

A fire procedures review?

A fire procedures review may be required when staff return to work following the COVID pandemic. Changes in staff numbers and also working practices are reasons to look at fire plans and make necessary changes.

The COVID has seen many persons working from home. Therefore there will be less persons working in the workplace. Since most fire evacuation plans and also fire risk assessments are based on pre COVID workplace numbers, managers should undertake a review of their plans.

What changes might look like

Some managers may need to train additional fire marshals if existing fire marshals are working from home. In addition, those reviewing plans might consider changing from a “sweep system” to a “roll call” method.

Placing fire marshals in different parts of the building may also be needed. As well as making changes to plans, managers should also carry our fire drills to ensure any new plans work.

The manager should also decide whether any new plans are a temporary arrangement or are likely to be a long term policy.

Managers should also think about a new fire risk assessment, as well as a fire procedures review of their workplace. This will take into account any new plans and can also be used to address any missed tests and checks due to the pandemic and home working.

Can we help?

With many years spent in fire safety teams in local fire service , City Fire Training are ideally placed to help managers with fire safety reviews.

This could include fire risk assessments and also audits, looking at fire plans and also fire marshal and warden training. Many of these services can be carried out on the same day

Booking us is so easy! Either call or email and we will to get back to you within the day.

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