fire door inspections schools

Fire door inspections schools

Fire door inspections schools

Fire door inspections schools services can help ensure that the building complies with fire law and also makes the building safer for all persons in it.

Since CFT inspectors have worked in fire service safety departments, an inspection can also highlight other safety issues.

So what do fire door inspections schools cover? The survey looks at door I.D. , the door rating, location, door material, frame material, dimensions, and also type of door set. In addition, it looks at the condition of the frame, hinges (also whether CE or BS approved), locks, glass if fitted and also seals. The closer is tested, door structure assed, gaps measured and also whether the door has correct signage. Lastly, the door is given a pass or fail mark. In addition, pictures are taken to identify faults more easily.

Why do you need a door inspection?

The most common reason for wanting a fire door survey is advice following a fire risk assessment. A fire risk assessment may detail faults on one or two doors, but often there will be a general note on the state of the doors.

If a door fails, it does not mean that the door needs to be replaced. Some simple actions and repairs may help the door meet standards.

The door is old – How can a fire door pass?

A good fire door surveyor will make a professional judgement on whether the door will hold back a fire. If a door is very old, it will probably have no certification or paperwork to prove it is a fire door. However, the surveyor will measure the door and look for features that will determine how it will perform in a fire. If this type of door passes, the assessor will call if a “nominal fire door”. For example it maybe called an “nominal FD30 door”. This means it should hold back a fire for at least 30 minutes.

Booking a fire door inspection is so easy. For details call or email now! Book a fire door inspection now!

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