fire door inspections London

Fire door inspections London

Fire door inspections London

Fire door inspections London this week was four! Yes, four fire door inspections in one week.

Fire door inspections help managers determine whether their doors will hold back fire and also smoke if a fire occurs in the workplace.

So what does a fire door survey incur:

An assessor will look at door identification, barcodes, door rating, location, material of door and also frame, dimensions, type of set, condition of frame, hinges, locks if fitted, type of glass if fitted, condition of seals, does the closer operate effectively, structure of the door, signage n the door, gaps at the sides and bottom of the door and whether the door has passed.

Photos of faults are also taken to help managers identify the specific fault. In addition, the assessor may suggest some remedial action.

Are fire door inspections accredited?

City Fire training fire door surveys are FDIS approved. Each assessor who has years of fire service experience has also attended and passed the FDIS course and exam.

The aim of the survey is that the workplace passes a fire service inspection. Therefore, we will not always suggest a door is replaced if it fails. Some simple action can be taken so the door passes any future audit.

Do you need fire door inspections London service?

So do you need a fire door survey? A fire risk assessment may comment on the condition of the fire doors but will not usually go into any detail of the condition. A fire door inspections London report will help identify the action needed to ensure the doors comply with current standards.

Booking an inspection

Booking an inspection is so easy. Either call or email with your enquiry and preferred date. Once we have your info and you have agreed terms, your survey is booked.