fire door inspections

Fire door inspections

Fire door inspections

Fire door inspections may be needed if a fire risk assessor finds numerous faults during an FRA visit. Although, an assessor may mention specific faults if there are only a few fire door problems. They will often make a general note if there a number of problems with the buildings fire doors.

Fire door inspections will help managers understand what steps need to be undertaken to bring a fire door up to an acceptable standard. A good fire door inspector will aim to improve existing doors rather than go for fire door replacements.

What do the inspections cover?

They will cover a number of issues which include identifying the door and also its location. It will cover the material of the door and frame and also the dimensions. Furthermore it will specify the type of door set (ie a single or double door) and how much fire resistance it has. The inspection looks at hinges, seals, closers, glass if fitted, signage and also gaps between the door and frame. The door will be awarded a pass/ fail comment. If the door fails, the assessor may provide guidance on how the issues can be remedied.

The inspection will also help to identify if the door needs to be a fire door. Since some buildings are built as “specification buildings” (an empty shell that the occupier than makes an internal layout that suits their business needs), it is possible that some doors are marked as fire doors without needing to be so. This means that if a door does not have to fire resisting but has some faults the door can reclassified.

Booking an inspection

Booking fire door inspections is so easy. Either email or call to arrange your appointment. Some managers also book fire training for general staff and fire marshals. This includes info on fire doors so staff can identify problems with any door.

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