fire watchmen training courses

Fire watchmen training courses

Fire watchmen training courses

Fire watchmen training courses are now available! These course are suitable for persons employed as fire watchmen and also for residents acting as watchmen.

Fire watchmen are employed where there is a high live risk risk or fire risk in a building. They are usually employed until suitable fire safety arrangements are put into place.

Following the Grenfell fire tragedy, over 500 buildings in London have been required to improve fire safety in them. This has included having fire watchmen in the building.

What does the course include?

The fire watchmen training courses include:

  • Fire safety law
  • Common causes of fires in residential buildings
  • Case histories
  • Types and classes of fire
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire emergency plans
  • Hazard spotting
  • Daily, weekly monthly and also other tests
  • Fire drills
  • Fire evacuation plans
  • How to raise the alarm in buildings not fitted with a fire alarm
  • Disabled fire evacuation
  • General fire evacuation advice.

Live fire training exercises

This course can also include live fire training exercises. Using a live fire training rig, persons on the course can tackle small fires. They will use water, foam and also CO2 fire extinguishers.

Other training to support high rise residents

In addition to fire watchmen training courses, we also advise resident fire training. All persons in abuilding must know what to do if a fire occurs. They must also know how to raise the alarm and also when to evacuate the building if a fire occurs. There is good advice on London Fire brigades website, who can also provide additional assistance with home fire safety visits. Residents can book a home safety visit by calling free on 0800 028 4428 or emailing

How to book fire watchmen training

Booking a course with us is so easy! Either call or email and we will start the fire watchmen training courses process.

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