school fire door survey

School fire door survey

School fire door survey

School fire door survey can help a manager decide whether the existing doors comply with the law. A fire door in good condition will help protect children, staff and also the school building.

Many managers are put off having a school fire door survey in case replacement doors will be very expensive. A good fire door survey can help you make some small changes to existing doors to keep cost down and make the fire door pass!

At a recent fire risk assessment inspection at a primary school our assessors found new fire doors throughout the building. The new doors were much heavier than the previous doors, so were wedged open as children could not open them. This left the school having to install new expensive solutions as fire doors cannot be held open by irregular means.

Fire door survey points

So what does a school fire door survey involve? Assessors will look at the following points:

  • Any door ID so that the door can be identified in the report and easy for persons performing any repairs.
  • The door rating. This could be what level of fire resistance the door has ie FD 30 or 30 minute fire door. The door could also be categorised as; a nominal fire door (one that used to comply or has had works repairs carried out on it), non-compliant, an exit door or a standard door.
  • The location of the door
  • Whether the fire door is wood, aluminium, metal or plastic. It could also be a non standard type of door.
  • The frame will also be categorised in the same way.
  • Dimensions of the door.
  • The type of door set, which may be single, double, a door and a half or also a half door.
  • Does the frame pass? For example is it damaged or are their gaps between the frame and wall.
  • Do the hinges comply with CE standard? Are there sufficient number of hinges for the door. The report may also report whether the hinges are of a non standard type.
  • Are any locks fitted to the door compliant?
  • Is glass fitted fire rated?
  • Are smoke seals and intumescent strips in good condition and in place?
  • Does the fire door closer shut the door properly. Also is the type of closer a non standard type?
  • Does the structure of the door pass the assessment?
  • Is the correct signage on the door?
  • Are the gaps between the door and frame ( and also between doors on double and door and a half) small enough?

The door will then be given a pass / fail mark.

Fire door survey reports

The final report is sent as a pdf document. It will include up to four pictures of faults found on any specific door. The report will also include notes on whether a door has to be a fire door! Although many doors are installed to a fire door standard, the layout of the building and any travel distance in the building may mean it does not have to be a fire door.

The assessors

Our assessors are accredited FDIS fire door assessors. In addition, they also have at least thirty years experience in the Fire Service and will be able to add any further comments about fire safety around the door. For example at a recent fire door survey, we noted that whilst the doors were compliant the wall and rook space above the doors was not.

Booking a fire door survey

Booking a school fire door survey is so easy. Either email or call us with your preferred date and quote. Once we have agreed these and you have confirmed our terms and conditions are acceptable, your survey is booked!