fire door survey London

Fire door survey London

Fire door survey London

Fire door survey London. A regular fire risk assessment may provide some details about the state of fire doors in a building. However, it is unlikely to provide detailed information. In some fire risk assessment inspections, an assessor may make a “general” statement about the state of fire doors if there are repeat problems in a building.

Fire door surveys look at the following points:

  • Door I.D. or other identification marks
  • The door rating. For example FD30
  • Location of the door
  • Door and also frame material
  • Dimensions of the door
  • Door set
  • Hinges and also hinge plates
  • Any locks fitted and also security devices fitted to the door
  • Fire rated glass
  • Smoke seals, intumescent strips and also any combined seals if fitted
  • Type and also condition of the fire door closer
  • The overall structure of the fire door
  • Fire door signs
  • Size of gaps between the door and frames (Also, between doors i.e double doors)
  • The report will also include pictures of faults to assist the manager to rectify any issues found.

Fire door survey – Inspectors

Our inspectors are ex fire safety officers with the Fire Service. They will be able to ascertain whether other fire safety features in the area of any door are also correct.

In some cases, doors have been installed to a fire door standard but are not required to be fire doors. The assessors will be able to provide you with options about these doors.

Booking fire door surveys

Booking a fire door survey is so easy. Either call us or mail us with your preferred dates. Once we have agreed an inspection day, we will send an email asking for info and also agree our terms and conditions. As soon as we have heard from you, your fire door survey London is booked.