workplace fire marshal courses

Workplace fire marshal courses

Workplace fire marshal courses

Workplace fire marshal courses cover a range of issues. They include the need to have daily plans and out of usual time procedures. In addition, there needs to be plans for disabled persons, visitors, persons working on the own and also contractors.

Since the Covid virus pandemic many staff now have to work from home. This means that there are fewer persons in the workplace. Therefore managers may need to train new fire marshals and also update their plans to reflect lower numbers of persons in the workplace. In addition, they will also need to consider training more evacuation buddies for disabled persons.

Workplace fire marshal courses can also be adapted to include details of risk in the workplace. This means taking photos of issues which might cause a fire, help one spread and also where the law is being broken.

Why pick us?

There are many reasons to pick City Fire Training Ltd. Here is a short list of some of the reasons:

  • CFT is an accredited fire training centre and is also able to adapt courses to specific workplaces.
  • Trainers are all ex-fire service personnel working in operational, fire safety , emergency planning and also training roles.
  • One of the few London fire training providers that include live fire exercises on open and closed courses.
  • A large range of workplace specific training including office, factories, construction, care home and also hotel courses.
  • Fully insured
  • Able to provide references from many large blue chip companies.
  • Provide additional services such as fire risk assessments, production of plans and also fire door surveys.

How to book workplace fire marshal courses

Either email or call us with the dates that you want. Once we have agreed a training date, we will send a booking email asking for info and to agree our terms. Once we have heard back from you, your course is booked!!

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