fire risk assessments latest

Fire risk assessments latest

Fire risk assessments latest

Fire risk assessments latest inspections show that assessors find the same things in workplaces. So if you have had not a recent fire risk assessment, your building may not be safe!

There are many ways of doing a fire risk assessment, but whatever method used it most be a formalised view of the building and also procedures in the premises.

City Fire Training assessors carry out hundreds of inspections each year. The findings of many are very similar, so check the details of our last FRA to see if you have the same issues in your building:

The findings were:

  • Defective fire doors – so doors may not hold back fire or smoke in the event of a fire in the workplace.
  • Misuse of extension leads – Overloading of extension leads and also sockets can cause overheating and fires.
  • Fire extinguishers propping open doors or missing from their stand – Propping open a fire doors with a fire extinguisher is two breaches of the Fire Safety Order: a) Misuse of firefighting equipment and also b) Not maintaining an internal means of escape.
  • Insufficient fire procedures and plans – Workplaces will usually need more than one plan in their building. They will need plans for; regular hours, out of normal hours, disabled fire procedures, working alone policies, working in high risk areas, policies for large number functions and also hot work and contractor plans.
  • Missing tests – fire alarm (weekly), emergency lighting (monthly), fire extinguishers (usually monthly may also be more frequent in other types of workplace) and also PAT testing.

The above list is not an exhaustive list of our findings, but these are often found in workplaces.

How to book

Booking a fire risk assessment with us is so easy! Either call us or email us with your best dates. We will ask you for some info and also agree our terms and conditions. Once we have these details your visit is booked.

A day or so before the visit our assessor will call to make arrival arrangements. He will also ask for some records to be ready for the visit. This is so we can check frequency of tests etc.

For any more info either call us or email us now!

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