fire doors save lives

Fire doors save lives

Fire doors save lives

Fire doors save lives! Managers do understand that fire safety is important but they should also know why fire doors are so crucial!

A recent fire service article revealed that over half of businesses never recover after a fire and also that those that do, go bankrupt in the next three years. This means that only 25% of businesses will survive! So how do they do it? The businesses that make it plan for an emergency by good procedures, fire risk assessments and also good fire training.

Why are fire doors so important?

Fire doors are built to withstand a fire in a room or area for up to 30 minutes, 60 minutes or even longer! They have features that will allow them to close and seal fire and smoke, allowing people to escape from buildings. Also, if a fire is contained, then it will do far less damage than if it was allowed to spread.

Although fire doors save lives and are so important, they are often neglected or misused. Here are some of the things that fire safety officers find during inspections:

  • Wedged open fire doors
  • Missing seals and strips that allow fire and smoke to travel into other parts of the building
  • Ineffective self closers
  • Doors that fall slightly of their frame so that they do not shut
  • Damage to the frame and also structure of the fire door
  • Missing or poor fire stopping
  • Incorrect hinges and also screws missing
  • Gaps between doors and frames that are too large
  • An ineffective fire door because of how it is been put into a building
  • Adding grills and vents to provide ventilation making the door useless
  • Incorrect or missing signage

When a fire service carries out an audit of a building, most use a PAS 79 method to assess fire safety in a building. Damaged and also mismanaged fire doors may mean that the building will be “marked down” and fail the audit. The manager or landlord may find they have “compromised their means of escape” or not “maintained their internal means of escape”. This may lead to a notice being served by the Fire Service. Managers should also know that all notices are kept on the public record for three years.

The new Fire Safety Act

The Fire Safety Act will probably come into law in April 2021. This new law is as a direct result of the Grenfell fire tragedy. It will cover a number of issues which will include making managers and landlords of high-rise residential buildings ensure that fire doors onto common areas are to the latest standards.

Fire door surveys

Fire door surveys and also good fire training are ways to reduce risk and the chance of a fire occurring in a building. City Fire Training provide accredited fire door surveys and also accredited fire training for fire marshals and other staff.

Fire doors save lives – more details

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