Calling the fire service

Calling the Fire service – fire safety checks

Calling the fire service – fire safety checks

Calling the fire service is the next fire safety check list for managers. Check the following questions so that you can decide if your plans satisfy guidance.

Where “No” is answered to any of the questions a review of arrangements is required. They may also be a need to get more staff training.

  • Are the fire service called immediately the fire alarm sounds and also a fire has been confirmed? Check local advice for schools, intelligent fire alarms, places that provide sleeping accommodation.
  • Has a delay calling the fire brigade for an investigation of the fire alarm activation been formally agreed with the Fire Service? Also, has this been addressed in the fire risk assessment?
  • Are there facilities, either inside or outside the workplace for calling the fire service?
  • Is there a specifically designated person who calls the fire service? Also, is there a deputy designated to cover in the event of their absence?
  • Where there is an automatic means of calling the fire service, is there also a plan for a designated person to make an additional manual call?
  • Is the location of the place where the call is made safe?
  • Are staff aware of the Fire Service “Unwanted fire signal” policy and also, is this covered in training sessions?

Fire marshal course training

This issue is covered in most fire marshal courses. Be sure that how to summon the fire brigade is covered in all training sessions. Also include who calls before and after regular workplace hours.

City Fire Training fire marshal training covers calling the fire brigade. This 3 hour IFSM accredited course can be changed to cover your procedures and also plans.

All of the trainers have fire service experience and also further work in the fire safety industry.

How to book fire training

Booking fire training with us is so easy. Either call us or email us with the date you want. Once we have agreed a date, we have your invoice info and also you have agreed our terms – your course is booked!

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