fire safety checks Disabled persons

Fire safety checks Disabled persons

Fire safety checks Disabled persons

Fire safety checks Disabled persons guide will help managers decide whether they have suitable arrangements for disabled staff and also disabled visitors.

Where “No” is answered to any of the questions below, a review of arrangements is needed so all persons are safe in the building.

  • Can people with all types of disability including temporary disability be warned of fire in the workplace?
  • In addition, can all persons with disabilities be evacuated in the fire event of a fire alarm operation?
  • Are all persons accounted for in the event of a fire?
  • Do plans and policies relating to fire safety for disabled persons exist?
  • Are disabled staff and visitors specifically covered in the fire risk assessment?
  • Are all staff aware of the fire plans relating to disabled persons and also their role in it?
  • Where special equipment to assist with disabled evacuation is provided, has training been given in its use?

Fire training and fire risk assessments

Our fire training and fire risk assessments cover disabled evacuation, so will help managers ensure they comply with fire law.

IFSM approved courses will help fire marshals and also disabled fire buddies understand their role.

PAS 79 fire risk assessments will ensure that the building has adequate disabled fire procedures and plans. Plans and policies need to reflect the risk in the building, so we can advise you on what is needed.

Trainers and assessors

Our fire trainers and also assessors have all worked for the fire service. They have all been to the Fire Service College to study fire safety.

The team all have more than thirty years with the Fire Service. They have worked in training and also fire safety units. The company is also an approved fire training centre. This means we can change your course to include your plans and also procedures.

Booking courses and assessments

Booking courses and assessments is so easy! Either call us or email us now with your preferred dates. Once we have agreed a date, we will ask for details and also for you to agree our terms. Once we have your details, your service is booked! It really is so easy.

After we have booked assessment with you, we will also ask for some records. This will include fire alarms, emergency lighting, extinguishers, wiring etc.