in house fire training

In house fire training

In house fire training

In house fire training is convenient for staff and also managers. It helps ensure that staff are away from work for the minimum amount of time.

In house fire marshal and also general staff training can be adapted to include workplace plans and procedures. This means that you workplace course is bespoke to your building and circumstances.

So what will the course is include? The course will include fire law, caused of fire and also fire extinguishers in your building. In addition, hazard spotting, fire safety maintenance and safety checks will be covered. The programme covers fire emergency plans and also the non-emergency and emergency duties of fire marshals.

The trainers

All of the trainers have spent at least thirty years in local authority fire brigades. Their roles include firefighting operations, fire safety, emergency planning and also training departments. The company is an accredited Institute of Fire safety for Managers training centre. This means your course can be adapted with your specific plans.

Live fire training exercises

Live fire training exercises can be included on in house training courses. A suitable outside space is needed. It must be away from a main road, not near flammable sources or in takes. The space must also not be assessable by the public.

The space needs to be about five car parking space in size. It also needs to be land owned or controlled by your workplace.

Booking in house training

Booking a course with us is so easy. Either call us or email us with the date you want. Once we have agreed the date, we will need some details and also for you to agree our terms. Once we have the info , your course is booked. It really is so easy! Why not call us or email us now.

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