Fire risk assessments Corona virus

Fire risk assessments Corona virus

Fire risk assessments Corona virus

Fire risk assessments Corona virus – Update – We are not currently undertaking any fire risk assessments, however, will carry out a desk top assessment for existing clients. In addition, we will look at previous FRAs for new clients via a telephone consultation.

Fire risk assessment Corona virus inspections cannot be carried out until restrictions are lifted by the Government. However, like the fire service, we can help by providing desk top surveys. So how does this work? We will look at the last fire risk assessment that we carried out for you. Our team will discuss the previous findings and how any points raised were dealt with. The team will also ask questions about your fire emergency plans, evacuation plans and testing. Furthermore, we will view any concerns you have regarding fire safety via a video call. Lastly, we will look at your present systems for evacuating the building as these may be compromised due to lower numbers in the workplace.

New clients can also take advantage of this service. We will look at your last fire risk assessment, plans and also testing of fire precautions. Our team will provide a short report to demonstrate that your organisation has considered fire safety during this period.

Advice – fire safety in the workplace

Fire services are carrying out v.ery few inspections during the crisis period. However, this does not mean that workplaces can have lapse fire precautions. Managers must ensure that those who are working in premises are fully protected. Therefore regular testing of fire alarms, emergency lighting and other routine tests must still be carried out. Although, it will be difficult for managers to arrange fire risk assessment inspections, a self audit may be possible. Alternatively, managers can ask us to carry out a desk top audit together with a video consultation. Any report produced by us can be added to the assessment.

As soon as time and restrictions permit, our team will then carry out a full fire risk assessment inspection.

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fire risk assessments corona virus