fire safety checks fire marshals

Fire safety checks fire marshals

Fire safety checks fire marshals

Fire safety checks fire marshals checklist. This short note is about fire marshals and also accounting and evacuating. It will help managers ensure they have the correct numbers of fire marshals in the workplace.

Fire safety checks fire marshals checklist

If a manager answers “No” to any question below, a check of fire marshal plans should be carried out. This is so you are sure you have enough marshals and also have the correct evacuation plans:

  • Are fire marshals assigned to clear people from the building in the event of a fire?
  • Is there enough fire marshals to cover the entire building? In addition, are there enough fire marshals or different plans for out of normal hours?
  • Is the area that a fire marshal searches less than 60 seconds (Sweep method and also baton system method)?
  • Do fire marshals wear tabards, armbands or other markings so they are distinctive from other persons leaving the building?
  • Do fire marshals know they must report there sweep has been carried out to a senior marshal or also incident coordinator?
  • Are fire marshals instructed that they must not search smoky areas?
  • Are fire marshals taught how to open a fire door safely?
  • Does the building have sufficient deputy fire marshals in the event that the fire marshals is not present because of sickness or holidays?
  • Do fire marshals carry out other tasks such as hazard spotting, safety checks and also looking at fire plans?
  • Do fire marshals carry out fire drills and also further training?
  • Are fire marshals told to read the fire emergency plan? Do they understand the sweep system (or baton system)? Do they also understand when a roll call may assist in accounting for persons?
  • Are fire marshals told that they should report any missing persons, hazards to fire fighters etc to the fire service on their arrival?


Fire safety checks fire marshals are looked at on our pen courses, off-site courses and also in house fire marshal training programmes. Either call us or email us now for more details.

Fire marshal training courses are for new and existing marshals. We can change the course to include your plans and fire risks.

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