Fire safety checks - fire drills

Fire safety checks – fire drills

Fire safety checks – fire drills

Fire safety checks – fire drills checklist is an ideal way to ensure that your workplace drills are effective and also meet government guidance standards.

This short guide will help you make sure that your fire drills are carried out correctly:

If no is answered to any questions, the arrangements should be reviewed and also, once changed subject to a new drill practice:


  • Are fire drills conducted every six months? (Hospitals, care homes, schools and also other high risk premises may need more drills).
  • Where night work is undertaken do members of the night shift have drills in the hours of darkness?
  • Where shift work is undertaken do shift workers on every shift also receive fire drills?
  • Are fire drills conducted, based on the assumption that one of the exits may be unusable sue to a fire and also. is this assumption simulated in the fire drills by prohibiting the use of one or more fire exits? (Use different prohibited exits during each drill).
  • Are staff and regular users of the workplace informed that a fire drill will be taking place? Published fire service advice suggests that staff should be informed that a drill will be taking place, so that it can be used as a training opportunity.
  • Is there a provision for persons acting as observers during the fire drill, so that any notes made can be used a post drill debrief?
  • Are drills carried out at different times of the day, so that any weaknesses in the fire procedures can be identified?
  • Is the fire drill time recorded? Some fire safety professionals advise that this is not done. There may be a tendency to try to beat the time in future drills. This may cause unsafe practices.
  • Is the fire drill recorded so that records can be checked by inspecting fire officers?

Fire safety checks – fire drills – How to find out more about fire drills

City Fire training open programmes and in house fire marshal courses include a session on fire drills. In addition, we may be able to include a fire drill in the course and comment on our observations.

Fire drills are also covered in our online fire marshal training course.

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