Accredited fire marshal training

Accredited fire marshal training

Accredited fire marshal training

Accredited fire marshal training helps managers select the correct training package and also provider to ensure their staff get the right fire training.

There a number of accrediting bodies. These include Institute of fire safety for managers (IFSM), British Association of Fire Extinguishers (BAFE), Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE) and also Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

City Fire Training Ltd are accredited by the IFSM. This is an organisation that is formed of Fire Industry representatives, so we consider this the best fit for a fire training provider. Others opt for IFE which has a fire authority bias, BAFE which has a fire extinguisher focus or also CIEH.

So what is the best accredited fire marshal training for your organisation?

All fire marshal training should be based on the actual workplace. Therefore managers should pick a course that covers Government guidance, British Standards and also Fire Service guidance and also includes the workplace fire emergency plan.

City Fire Training courses include:

Fire safety law, common causes of fire and also some case histories. This helps attendees identify the most likely risk in the place of work, so they can help minimise risk.

Classes of fire and also fire extinguishers. We cover all types of fire extinguisher or concentrate on the types in workplaces on in house courses. This helps staff identify the correct extinguisher for each fire and also provides safety tips.

Non-emergency fire duties includes understanding the workplace fire emergency plan and also what should be in it. In addition, hazard spotting will help staff minimise fire risk and help managers keep a safe workplace. They also learn about fire safety maintenance and also effective fire drills.

Lastly, the course cover emergency duties. This includes the rolls of fire marshals, fire wardens and disabled buddies. In addition, it covers evacuation and accounting and disabled fire procedures.

Courses can also be supplemented with live fire extinguisher training. This is where staff tackle real fires so the gain experience in a safe environment.

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