fire marshal training certificate expiry

Fire marshal training certificate expiry

Fire marshal training certificate expiry

Fire marshal training certificate expiry questions are often raised at our courses and also to our office!

So how often should fire marshal and fire wardens be trained? In short, this will depend on the type of building and the level of risk that exists.

Government guidance does not specify the frequency of fire marshal training, so this can be difficult for managers to decide how often to training staff. The guidance merely says frequent training!

This short guide will help you decide on the frequency of training:

  • Offices, small shops and also low risk buildings – train every 3 years.
  • High rise buildings, larger factories, large shops and higher risk buildings – training every 1-2 years.
  • Residential care home and also high life risk premises – At least once per year.

In addition to fire training sessions, fire marshals and also wardens must take part in fire drills. These are usually carried out at least twice a year. However, higher risk premises should carry out drills more often.

Training content

Fire marshals and fire warden should have input on the following points:

  • Fire emergency plan of the workplace.
  • Evacuation plans for all times of the day and also disabled plans.
  • Contractor policies and also lone working policies.
  • Hazard spotting and safety checks.
  • Effective fire drills.
  • Any changes to the building and also changes to work practices.

How should the training take place?

Fire marshal training can be carried out in different ways. This can include in house training, open courses (carried out with reading the fire emergency plan) or also online training (with fire emergency plan of building). Managers should make sure that the training provided is an accredited course.

Note: City Fire Training carry out fire marshal training courses. Courses can be held in house, off-site and also as open courses. In addition, we provide online fire training. Either call us or email us for details.

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