fire safety checks - fire training

Fire safety checks – fire training

Fire safety checks – fire training is a legal requirement. This short guide will help managers decide who needs training and also how often!

Many organisations carry out fire training for staff. However is is suitable and sufficient? Do staff with duties in the fire plan get additional training ?Also, how often are all staff trained?

The following guide will assist managers:

  • Do new staff get induction training?
  • Do all staff get training in the findings of the fire risk assessment?
  • Does training include instruction on what to do if they discover a fire and also raising the alarm?
  • Does staff training include what to do when they hear the alarm?
  • Is selection and also use of fire extinguishers included in fire training?
  • Does staff training include instruction on the location and also safe use of assembly points?
  • Does staff fire training include the use of fire doors and also their correct and incorrect use?
  • Is instruction on means of escape from the building included?
  • Does staff training include instruction on their specific role within the fire procedure?
  • Does training include on how staff and visitors will be accounted for?
  • Is their specific staff training on means of escape for and provision for disabled persons?
  • Does training include specific instruction for staff with a specialist role within the fire procedure?
  • Does staff instruction include on how the fire service will be called and also by who?
  • Is good housekeeping and hazard spotting included in staff fire training?

Fire safety checks – fire training

Find out more about staff fire training on our open and in house fire marshal and fire warden courses. Open courses are run monthly at Southwark College. Open courses include live fire extinguisher sessions.

In house courses can include live fire training if there is sufficient outside space.

Either call us or email us for more details.

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