fire safety checks - fire extinguishers

Fire safety checks – fire extinguishers

Fire safety checks – fire extinguishers. This short guide will help managers determine whether they have sufficient fire extinguishers and also training for their staff and building.

British Standards and also government guidance will help managers select the correct type and number of extinguishers. This short guide will also help assess adequacy of fire fighting equipment:

Where no is answered to the above fire extinguishing arrangements and also training should be reviewed or upgraded:

  • Have you got the correct type of fire extinguishers for the fire hazards and also risks present in your workplace?
  • Have you got sufficient number of fire extinguishers in your workplace in relation to its size and the nature of the fire hazards present?
  • Are fire extinguishers in safe and also conspicuous locations?
  • Are fire extinguisher locations clearly identified with appropriate signs?
  • Where supplied, are fire extinguishers mounted correctly with hooks or floor stands?
  • Are fire extinguishers colour coded in accordance with British Standards?
  • Are staff aware that they re not to put themselves at risk whilst using a fire extinguisher?
  • Do staff know that they must raise the alarm before tackling fires with fire extinguishers?
  • Do staff train and also regularly familiarise themselves with the fire extinguishers provided in their workplace?
  • Does a competent person annually service all fire extinguishers in the workplace?

Fire safety checks – fire extinguishers – found out more

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