fire safety checks - fire extinguishers

Fire safety checks – fire extinguishers

Fire safety checks – fire extinguishers

Fire safety checks – fire extinguishers are vital for tackling small fires as they start, so it is important to be sure that they work and are ready for use.

This fire safety checklist list will help managers to work out if the means for fighting fire is adequate:

  • Have you got the right type of extinguishers for the fire hazards in the building?
  • Is there enough fire extinguishers in the building for its size and also the type of fire hazards in the building? One water or foam fire extinguisher for each 200 sq metres of floor space and also extinguishers for other risks.
  • Are the fire extinguishers in safe and obvious places in the building?
  • Fire extinguisher locations clearly identified with the correct signs?
  • Fire extinguishers positioned at their locations (wall mounted or also in floor stands)?
  • Are fire extinguishers colour coded in line with British and also European Standards?
  • Are staff aware that they are not to put themselves at risk whilst using a fire extinguisher?
  • Do staff know they must raise the alarm first before fighting a fire?
  • Do staff regularly familiarise themselves with the fire extinguishers provided in the workplace?
  • Does a competent person service all fire extinguishers once a year?
  • Does a member of staff check fire extinguishers at least once per month? (Check to include pin and tag in place, pressure gauge needle is in green section, no damage or also deterioration to the extinguisher and also that it is free of obstructions or obstacles )
  • Do staff receive regular fire extinguisher training?

Our courses

Fire extinguisher training is available as open course places with live fire training and as in house programmes. The in house course can also include live fire training if there is a suitable outside space.

Either call us or email us for more details.

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