Fire safety checks - fire exits

Fire safety checks – fire exits

Fire safety checks – fire exits

Fire safety checks – fire exits are so persons are able to leave a building when a fire alarm sounds. Therefore all staff must know how to recognise them and also operate any devices to open them.

This short guide will help managers ensure that staff know about fire exits and also how they are maintained.

Fire safety checks – fire exits – checklist

  • Are staff aware of the difference between fire doors and fire exits?
  • Do fire doors and exit doors open in the direction of escape?
  • Do exits have signs indicating their location?
  • Is there sufficient lighting at the fire exits?
  • Do exits remain unobstructed inside and out?
  • Are exits opened regularly to check that they work?
  • Are staff aware of all of the exits in their workplace so they can access one when needed?
  • Do staff know how to operate the secure mechanisms for all fire exits?
  • Is there one single simple emergency fastening on each fire exit?

Where no is answered to the above fire exit facilities should be reviewed / upgraded. This may also include training for staff.

This article is part of our fire safety checks series. By carrying out regular checks and keeping the records, may assist managers when supplying the information for a fire risk assessment survey.

For details or more information about our fire risk assessment services, either call or email us. We carry out PAS 79 inspections. These will be passed by London Fire Brigade officers when carrying out an audit in your workplace.

In addition, to fire risk assessment surveys,  we also provide approved fire training courses. This can include information on on fire exit checks, maintenance of fire exits and how to use them. Since these course always sell out, we advise that you book early so your staff can attend the course.


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