Fire training and fire risk assessment

Fire training and fire risk assessment

Fire training and fire risk assessment

Fire training and fire risk assessment combination is an ideal way to begin to comply with fire safety law. Providing approved fire training and PAS 79 fire risk assessments will help managers show inspecting fire officers that they putting fire safety as a priority.

Fire training

So what type of fire training do new workplaces need? All new staff need induction fire training, so this may mean all staff in a new workplace. In addition, regular training for all staff is required. The frequency of training will depend on the level of risk in the building.

Persons with responsibilities  in the fire evacuation plan and those that looked after fire precautions will also need more training. These persons include:

  • Fire marshals and fire wardens
  • Persons who call the fire service
  • Persons who assist disabled persons
  • Facilities or site managers

Fire risk assessments

All workplaces need a fire risk assessment. The findings of the assessment must be in writing if there are 5 or more persons. The workplaces will also need to have a fire emergency plan. This plan will form the basis of all staff fire training. It will also set out the fire evacuation plans for all times of the day and persons at more risk.

The fire risk assessment should be a formalised inspection. Since London Fire Brigade use a PAS 79  audit process, a PAS 79 FRA will be recorded as suitable and sufficient subject to any date reviews on the report.

Fire training and fire risk assessment combination deal

Fire training and fire risk assessment carried out on the  same day are subject to a discounted price. If the inspection takes place first our assessor and trainer will be able to highlight any issues in the building.

For more details of this offer, either call or email us for more information.



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