Fire door surveys

Fire door surveys inspections

Fire door surveys inspections

Fire door surveys inspections will help identify whether the door will hold back fire and smoke if there is a fire in the building. The performance of a fire door can vary for a number of reasons. This can include the type of door, the type of hinges and also the condition of strips and seals.

Fire door surveys  are not usually included in a fire risk assessment. There may be a look at a fire door and obvious defects reported. It will not, however, highlight any description of works, to upgrade the door. Neither will it show how a door that is not a fire door be upgraded to be one.

As LPCB certified fire door inspectors we are able to provide a comprehensive report to determine the condition of your fire doors. For more details either call or email us.

Fire door surveys inspections

When will a fire door need to be be changed or upgraded to a new door? Managers calling for surveys often ask this question. A good assessor will try to upgrade doors in workplaces by recommending some quick repairs. They will also probably mark older doors as Nominal fire doors. This means that in their experience, it is a fire door but they are no markings and also the door has had some repairs. However, in a residential building, where is usually not a fire alarm, the decision may be different. Since a residential building has a sleeping occupancy, it is important that any door onto common escape routes are up to standard.

Booking a survey

Either call or email for fire door surveys inspections. A quote can be provided based on the number of doors/ fire doors in the building. Two surveyors will attend the building to carry out the inspection. As a rough guide two assessors will survey about 60-80 doors a day.

The inspection team will ask why a fire door survey is required. This may be because a recent fire risk assessment highlighted deficiencies. They may ask to view the fire risk assessment

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