Fire safety checks - fire doors

Fire safety checks – fire doors

Fire safety checks – fire doors

Fire safety checks – fire doors must have regular checks and also all staff need to understand why they are there!

Our short fire doors check list will help managers so they comply with fire law.

Fire doors check list:

  • Are staff aware of the purpose  of fire doors and also why they should be kept closed?
  • Are staff aware of how they can spot a fire door?
  • Is the purpose of fire doors covered in fire training sessions?
  • Is appropriate action taken to prevent the misuse of fire doors?
  • Are staff instructed to close all doors they pass through during an evacuation?
  • Are fire marshals aware of the safest method of opening a door during a sweep of their area?

Fire doors are checked during  a fire risk assessment and should also be part of a workplace fire training session. Therefore they should also be mentioned in a fire emergency plan.

Fire marshal training will help managers identify what type of training and safety checks are needed. Fire safety checks – fire doors are covered in our fire marshal courses. Open courses are held every month at Southwark College, so is easy to access from the Jubilee line tube trains.

Booking fire marshal courses

Booking a fire marshal course is so easy. Either email us or phone us with your preferred date. A booking email will be sent. Send the info we need and agree our terms and your places are booked.

Fire safety checks – fire doors accredited checks

Managers may wish to have an accredited fire door survey. Our team provides a comprehensive checking service and also give detailed reports of any improvements needed for fire doors. For more details of this service and also our accreditation details, email us now. We are part of the FDIS scheme which has certification form the Loss Prevention Council.

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