Next fire extinguisher training London

Next fire extinguisher training London courses

Next fire extinguisher training London courses

Next fire extinguisher training London courses will be held on 24th April, 144th May and also 19th June 2019. The course will held at Southwark College, London, SE1 8LF. ThisĀ  course includes live fire extinguisher training, so your staff can tackle real fires with our extinguishers.

All persons on the course will get a certificate and also online training links on request.

The course covers the following points:

  • The Fire Safety Order 2006 and also why fire risk assessments are required
  • Common causes of fires in workplaces
  • Case histories and also accounts of students fire experiences
  • Classes of fire
  • Types of extinguisher and the best extinguisher for each class of fire.
  • Practical fire extinguisher session

The course takes about 1.5 hours to complete. Persons on the course can also stay for a short refreshment break after they have completed the training.

Next fire extinguisher training London – more info

The courses are based on official guidance notes and advice. This programme is based on government guidance notes, British Standards and also published fire service advice.

Persons on the course should wear comfortable flat shoes. They can also bring writing materials or take pictures of our slide presentation with phone cameras.

All of our trainers have worked as fire safety officers in the fire service. The roles include operational, fire prevention, emergency planning and also training departments. The trainers have also all worked for the fire service safety partnership that provided fire training across the UK.

How to book on these courses

Booking on our fire extinguisher training London courses is so easy. Select the date you want your staff to attend. Either call or email us and we send our booking email. Supply the info requested and also agree our terms and conditions and your course places are booked.

Our terms are payment within 30 days of booking.

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