Fire safety checks - fire alarm

Fire safety checks – fire alarm

Fire safety checks – fire alarm

Fire safety checks – fire alarm tests are needed in every workplace, so people know when to react to it. This simple guide shows what everyone needs to know and also how it is tested.

Persons in charge of fire safety can make a simple test sheet from the following points:

  • Does everyone know how to operate the fire alarm?
  • Does everyone know what the fire alarm sounds like? This includes all staff and also new starters.
  • Is the fire alarm audible throughout the building?
  • A daily check of the fire panel is required. Who checks it and also what happens if the panel reports a fault?
  • Is the fire alarm tested by a designated member of staff whilst the building is occupied?
  • Are quarterly and also six monthly services carried out by a qualified engineer?
  • Is the fire alarm provided with unique features and also are all the staff aware that these features exist?
  • Do all staff know what to do when the fire alarm sounds?
  • How are visitors informed of what they are expected to do when they hear the fire alarm?
  • Are all the tests recorded in the fire log book

Fire safety checks – fire alarm – More info

Fire marshal courses are an ideal way of learning more about fire safety checks – fire alarm testing and other essential checks. Courses are held by City Fire Training every month, so your staff can learn all about their role from experts.

Booking a fire marshal course with our team is so easy. Either call or email us for open course availability. You can also contact us if you need an in house course. Courses are from £345+vat for any number of persons attending an in house course.

Fire safety is essential and a legal requirement, book on our courses now so you can be sure you are compliant.


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