fire safety checks

Fire safety checks in the workplace

Fire safety checks in the workplace

What fire safety checks in the workplace are needed? This series of blogs will help persons know what checks need to be done. The blogs can be found by looking at the Fire safety check category.

The series covers at fire risk assessment, fire alarms, fire doors and also escape routes. In addition, fire exits, signs and notices are also covered. Fire resistance, travel distance and emergency lighting are key to help people escape from buildings. Fire extinguishers, fire training and also drills will help persons practice and understand the fire plans.

These blogs will also cover fire marshals, visitors, contractors, disabled persons, calling the fire service and also assembly points.

Fire safety checks – how frequently should they be done?

Some checks will be needed to be done every day or as persons go about their usual daily job. Other checks are weekly monthly, quarterly as also annually.

Fire safety checks, fire emergency plans and fire risk assessments

Too busy to produce these documents? So why not let us do it for you? Checks , plans and also assessments can be carried out in one day. Our team will provide a list of checks that are required so you fire law compliant. The fire emergency plan and also fire risk assessment will suitable and sufficient. This means that they will pass fire service inspections.

Booking us is so easy! Either email us or call us for how much your trio service will cost. If you agree our fee, we will send a booking email with our terms and your inspection is booked!