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Fire training – what type of fire training do staff need?

Fire training – what type of fire training do staff need?

Fire training is a legal requirement. Managers will need to ensure that all  staff receive regular fire training.

All staff need training in the contents of their fire emergency plan. In addition, all persons with a role in the fire plan will need further training.

The fire emergency plan details all fire safety issues in the building, so it is essential that staff know its contents. The plan will include how to get out of a building on fire. It will also details training requirements. The plan will details general staff fire training, fire warden training, disabled buddies, person who the fire service etc.

Staff training types:

General staff: The fire emergency plan which should also include fire extinguisher training

Fire wardens: Will need to know about the fire emergency and evacuation plans. They will also require fire warden training.

Disabled buddies: Will need to know about PEEPs and fire evacuation equipment.

Person who calls the fire service: This person will need to know the fire evacuation procedure and when and also how to call the fire service.

Fire training – types available

Fire warden training is available, This can be held as open course and also in house sessions. Lewisham Southwark College is our venue for open fire course training.

How to book

Either call us or email us with your training requirements. Once a date has been agreed, a booking form will be sent to you. Send the details required and your course is booked. It really is that easy!



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