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Why do our fire marshal courses fill up so fast?

 for fire marshal course placesWhy do our fire marshal course places fill up so fast?

Why do our fire marshal course places fill up so fast?

So why do our fire marshal courses fill up so fast? And also, why you must book early to secure your fire marshal course places!

Our popular fire marshal course is a three hour programme that also includes a live fire training session. We have many companies that book new staff and fire marshals on this course. Therefore, we have a number of repeat business from our regular clients for our fire marshal course places. We are also one of the few companies that offer live fire extinguisher training on its open courses. This is why we are so popular!

Our open fire marshal courses are held every month and run from 10.00 to 13.00. We do sometimes run afternoon sessions, but these are usually reserved for a regular client. We also have two or three companies that pre-book about third of the available course places.

How to book your fire marshal course places

Booking a fire marshal course places is so easy, but you must secure your places early. Our courses nearly always sell out.

Pick your preferred date and then either call or email us. We will send our booking email to you and ask for some info and also for you to agree our terms. Once we have heard back from you – your course is booked.

Fire marshal course places – etc info

We will invoice you once you have supplied the information requested in our booking email. Our team will also  send joining instructions 7-10 days before the course date.

Your company  places can be attended by any staff member, so if you need to make a late change of name that is fine!

We will send or give your certificate to  the attendee or also provide online notes on request.

Need more info about your fire marshal course places? Either call or email us now!

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