extinguisher training South London

Extinguisher training South London

Extinguisher training South London

Extinguisher training South London

Looking for extinguisher training South London? We hold open fire extinguisher training South London programmes every mint. In addition, we also hold fire marshal and fire warden courses at the same venue.

We also provide in house fire training for workplaces and organisations. As an approved fire training centre, our courses have been accredited by  a fire industry panel. Therefore we can change the content to include fire extinguishers that you have at your workplace or building.

Many persons have never used a fire extinguisher before, so we can include a live fire training exercise. Our trainer will use an LPG fire training rig and also bring enough extinguishers for your staff to tackle a small fire.

What will your staff learn

We start off with a short fire awareness session. It is vital that your staff understand how quickly fires spread so that the know that they most take immediate action if a fire starts. After the first session, we look at classes and types of fire. In addition, we look at the different types of extinguisher. Finally, we can go outside and fight some small fires. If you do not have a suitable outside space, we can look at a short video that shows how to use fire extinguishers.

All persons who come on our course get a training certificate. We also provide online fire training notes for those that want them.

How often should you train your staff?

This is a common question to our office. The frequency of fire training is based on the risk in the building. This is determined by the fire risk assessment and the frequency of training should then be set in the fire emergency plan.

Most organisations carry out training every two years or so. Your staff can add a three year online course to our extinguisher training sessions for a small additional fee. Either call us or email us for details.

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