fire door survey

Fire door survey – Do you need one?

Fire door survey

Fire door survey – do you need one?

Do you need a fire door survey? Almost all workplaces have a fire risk assessment and also a fire emergency plan. A good fire risk assessor will look at all fire doors during the FRA inspection and try to identify obvious issues with the door.

An FRA inspection may identify that a fire door does not shut in the frame or that seals are missing, but it is not an in depth look at the door.

A fire door survey looks at existing fire doors and determines whether they have certification.  Surveys can also identify how older doors can be improved.  A report can be issued that details improvements needed.

If a fire door has been repaired, it can no longer be classified as a certified fire door. A fire door survey inspector will determine whether the improvements help improve the fire doors efficiency.

A fire door survey will look at the following points: Construction of the door and also the material used. Do the hinges conform to British Standard / CE standard. Is the self closer adequate and conform to standards. Does any fire glass have the correct markings. Does the door or frame have adequate smoke and heat seals. The survey will also look at the frame and also door rebates and butts.

After the survey, the inspector will provide a report on the fire door and any improvements required.

How to book a fire door survey

If you need a fire door survey for your building you can either call or email us. We will provide a quote for the works required.

We have recently carried out fire door surveys in offices, factories, print rooms, storage area, care homes and also hospitals.

City Fire Training are an approved fire training centre, provide PAS 79 trained fire risk assessors and are LPCB certified fire door inspectors.


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